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Furthermore, the meeting denounced "the Israeli role in this aggression, which is an outright translation of the Turkish-Israeli and the Azeri-Israeli cooperation in the military and political fields.".

The modern history of the Lebanese Armenian community starts with the arrival of tens of thousands of Armenians from Cilicia and coincides with the proclamation of the State of Lebanon in September 1920. Community life was marked by vitality and dynamism, which shaped variants of the Lebanese Armenian identity. After things calmed down, mediations resulted in the ARF party continuing its control of the Armenian districts with a lower key operation and presence in agreement with Christian leadership of the country. This would effectively make the Armenian vote in the Chamber subservient to Hariri's wishes[4] and practically dissolve "The Armenian Bloc" in the Lebanese Parliament. A major change however occurred in the parliamentary election of 2000. Politically the party remained allied with the Phalangist Party of Pierre Gemayel and at a later stage with the Tripartite Alliance (in Arabic الحلف الثلاثي) made up of the Maronite Christian leaders Camille Chamoun, Pierre Gemayel and Raymond Edde. In 1939, the Armenians of Musa Dagh—who were brought to Lebanon when France ceded Alexandretta to Turkey—rebuilt their lives in Anjar, the Armenian town in the Bekaa Valley. EmbassyPages uses cookies to analyze traffic and for ad measurement purposes. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation generally ran joint election tickets with the Phalangists, especially in Beirut and Metn constituencies with large Armenian populations and reserved Armenian seats according to the confessional division of electoral districts. [2] In addition, the statue dedicated to the Armenian Genocide and located in Bikfaya was also targeted by a bombing by pro-Lebanese Forces elements. The Aztag daily (in Armenian Ազդակ) replaced Pyunig and started publication on March 5, 1927, in Beirut, Lebanon. The Lebanese Forces responded by attacking the Armenian quarters of many Lebanese towns, including Bourj Hammoud. Large number of cultural, sports, educational and youth associations and organisations thrived under the auspices of the political parties and community institutions. After six years in opposition (2005 until January 2011), and with the joining of the Progressive Socialist Party headed by Walid Jumblatt to the opposition March 8 Alliance, the latter attained the majority in January 2011 to form the next Lebanese government. Bolor Haykakan Serialner. The Lebanese branch of the ARF has usually controlled a majority of the Armenian vote and won most of the ethnic Armenian seats in the National Assembly. On August 5, 2007, a by-election took place in the Metn district, to replace the slain anti-Syrian minister Pierre Gemayel, the ARF decided to support Camille Khoury, the candidate backed by opposition leader Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement. Armenian Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon 28 Rue des Jasmins Mtaileb Mount Lebanon Beirut Lebanon Telephone (+961) (4) 418 860 Telefax (+961) (4) 402 952 E-mail Website Office Hours Head of Mission Mr Ashot Kocharian, Ambassador

Top Armenian TV series to watch on ARMTV. Camille Khoury faced off against Phalangist leader Amine Gemayel and subsequently won the seat. In an ensuing onslaught, the Lebanese Forces closed outposts of the party in various regions that had been created for keeping the peace in the predominantly Armenian regions during the Civil War. [7] Government supporters blamed Gemayel's loss on the Armenians. The 1920s were marked by the building up of the community. The community is close to the 100th anniversary of her modern history, which comes on the heels of intra-Lebanese, intra-communal, regional and global upheavals.

A number of university graduates were employed in the Gulf States, which partly compensated for the economic losses of the community, yet reduced its energy. The regime of the Lebanese President Camille Chamoun in support of Zareh I served to polarize the situation further. Beirut became the national, cultural and religious nerve centre of the Diaspora and its regional capital. Armenian Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon 28 Rue des Jasmins Mtaileb Mount Lebanon Beirut Lebanon Telephone (+961) (4) 418 860 Telefax (+961) (4) 402 952 E-mail Website Office Hours Head of Mission Mr Ashot Kocharian, Ambassador. [4] It was also the first time ever that the Huntchakian and Rangavar parties gained seats in the Parliament. The 1932 official census put the number of Armenians at 32,000. The Catholicosate of Cilicia moved from its historic seat in[Office4]  Sis to Aleppo in 1921 and then to Antelias in 1930. [5] The ARF held one seat through its MP Hagop Pakradounian from the Metn district that includes Bourj Hamoud heavily populated by Armenians. The ARF Lebanon branch is headquartered in Bourj Hammoud in the Shaghzoian Centre, along with the ARF Lebanon Central Committee's Aztag daily newspaper and "Voice of Van" 24-hour radio station.[9]. Armenians were prosperous in business, trade and the entire range of Lebanese economy. Inquire now about our Armenian Courses. See our Terms of use for more information, The embassy of Armenia in Beirut is located at 28 Rue des Jasmins, Mtaileb and can be contacted by telephone on (4) 418 860 as well as by email.

The modern history of the Lebanese Armenian community starts with the arrival of tens of thousands of Armenians from Cilicia and coincides with the proclamation of the State of Lebanon[Office1]  in September 1920. The Armenian embassy is one of 166 foreign representations in Lebanon and one of 151. Listen & Learn offers online lessons for the language of your choosing. [4] The ARF decided to go it alone, although the other Armenian parties, namely Social Democrat Hunchakian Party (Hunchakians) and Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavars) joined Hariri's list. The most accurate source for embassy information. Lebanese politician Gabriel Murr accused the ARF of rigging the vote as "they always do". A local administrative body composed of representatives of compatriotic unions was formed. 2 or more people can benefit studying Armenian together as these Armenian lessons are also offered to groups (Two-to-One Armenian Lesson or Small Group In-Company Armenian Lesson). Inquire now about our Armenian Courses. By the end of the war, the community had diminished in numbers, capacity and power. Login. The current ARF Central Committee Chairperson in Lebanon is Mr. Hovig Mkhitarian. Armenian TV, H1, Shant, ARTN, USArmenia, TV RU AM, Shant, Horizon, Armenia TV.

Please contact the embassy to confirm opening hours. The conflicts calmed down after 1958 with the establishment of the regime of President Fouad Chehab in Lebanon.

The offices of the embassy may be closed on Lebanese and Armenian public holidays. Armenia's embassy in Beirut is the sole Armenian representation in Lebanon. "Mercenary soldiers of several nationalities, whom the Turkish state had provided transport to the war front, are also participating in the aggression," the statement added.

Historically most Armenians have lived in Beirut and Matn District and Anjar in the Bekaa Region.

Your comments may be seen by the public, so please do not include private information. Inquire now about our Armenian Courses. This position was prompted by the ARF trying to avoid an inter-Armenian conflict after the 1956–1958 incidents. socialism and is part of the Socialist International. In recent years, many Armenians in Lebanon have migrated to Armenia.

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