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Blue Chips 7000 is the third studio album by American rapper Action Bronson. "[6] Jay Balfour, writing for Pitchfork, praised the songs for their diverse production and upfront brag raps, saying that "these new tracks are probably the strongest in his catalog—full of cheeky, relentless verses to match the energetic funk he’s best accompanied by—and the repetition feels strategic. Also, there’s a new video that opens with Bronson tackling a guy off of a moving motorcycle, and I’m pretty sure he did the stunt for real. He’s flirted with disgusting, inappropriate lyricism throughout his career; here, Bronson has dropped the shock value but maintained the dopey swaggering. this was a solid project from bronson, almost felt like a leaner Mr wonderful with less filler. In particular I really dug "Hot Pepper" and while it seems unlikely I hope Jah Tiger gets pulled into that small little Bronson/Lauren/Bes circle, he's an interesting tho admittedly unpolished hook man. Blue Chips 7000. Every couple bars there's a nice lyric that jumps out at you or makes you chuckle, the beats are nice, and there's a good vibe. Archived [DISCUSSION] Action Bronson - Blue Chips 7000 … I really like TANK, which has maybe my favourite Big Body trash talking of any Bronson track in his career, and 9-24-7000 is very good with Bronson and Ross floating on that beat. If you're a fan of the Fuck, That's Delicious host, then this project is a must-listen. All of the beats are off-kilter, but none of them sound alike. Action Bronson will deliver his Blue Chips 7000 project come the end of this week, and to tide listeners over in the meantime, the rapper has shared both the tracklist and a new cut from the release. On his last album, 2015’s Mr. But these new tracks are probably the strongest in his catalog—full of cheeky, relentless verses to match the energetic funk he’s best accompanied by—and the repetition feels strategic. 71. critic score (18) 68. user score (191) 2011 . sorry but who the fuck is excited about this, FAV: La Luna, Bonzai, Let Me Breathe, 9-24-7000 & The Choreographer, Action Bronson Details New Album Only for Dolphins, Shares New Song, Hot Pepper (feat. The production was absolutely amazing, la luna is by far one of the smoothest tracks and I loved the intro to la luna, felt like the perfect transition to a smooth beat. Disagree about it being "whitewashed" though admittedly I'm not entirely sure what you mean there. Now, Bronson has become a caricature of his former self. This one was just kind of disappointing in comparison for me. Mixtape • Action Bronson / Party Supplies.

“I’m the label owner/I’m the only one can shelf me,” he raps as a guest on an album that has been tormentingly delayed by the label. It's more consistent than Mr Wonderful - the lows are less low, but it lacks any highs on the level of the amazing singles from that album (like Easy Rider, Baby Blue etc). Action Bronson’s second studio album is also the third installment of his Blue Chips mixtape series. I also dug the bit on "La Luna" where Bronson freestyled over some please-hold music (that's a pure Blue Chips moment IMO), best album that came out last week hands down, production was amazing, features were pretty great, i just wish songs like right lung, la luna, n bonzai were longer. … The pair make an interesting combination.

Check it out below. Posted by. Solid all around. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an average score of 76, based on 6 reviews. Who knows, maybe week 2 will change my mind. Mr. That shit had the tastiest bass on a track in a while. At Bronson's best, he is an amazing lyricist, with a great flow and catchy hooks; but this album fails to consistently deliver songs with overall appeal and replay value. Wonderful, Bronson attempted to reconcile this gap by bringing his celebrity into the booth, amplifying the ridiculousness of his music with a record that tried to do too much: the tracks-long conceptual story arc bogged down the middle; the open-ended rambles let it float around. 2 years ago. “The full moon make me loco/Like I sniffed a whole baseline of cocoa,” he spits on “The Choreographer,” as if his only conceit was rapping something that nobody before him had thought to.

In 2017, he released Blue Chips 7000, followed by White Bronco in 2018.

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