culture in a sentence

(transitive) to maintain in an environment suitable for growth (especially of bacteria) (compare cultivate) | (transitive) to increase the artistic or scientific interest (in something) (compare cultivate) | the arts, customs, lifestyles, background, and habits that characterize a particular society or nation, England produces under favorable conditions of ease and, It was a brisk, prosperous land, where industry and, But art, religion, and philosophy still rest on the national, We only vary the phrase, not the doctrine, when we say, that. It can be hard to adapt yourself to different culture. Culture Used in a Sentence Examples: It’s a lot of fun to learn about foreign cultures. (CK) Tom is cultured. : We desperately need a culture that values teamwork at all grades in the profession. The Word "Cultural" in Example Sentences Page 1.

Culture in a sentence 1) The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts. Culture (/ ˈ k ʌ l tʃ ər /) is an umbrella term which encompasses the social behavior and norms found in human societies, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities, and habits of the individuals in these groups.. In his writing and frequent lectures, Jackson explores the intersection of science and society, agronomy and ecology, The writer talked about her struggles to publicly affirm spiritual values in a, Such immersion into another culture and language is necessary if one is authentically to perform the dances of that, It is only through the cadre that socialist politics and, The microscope first focuses on an internal reference point within the tissue, There are those who insist that low culture will always drive out high, To them, he became a trampler of the rule of law, an embodiment of every reactionary set-piece American political, This minority group has long been coded in U.S. popular, Nanda Devi is the patron Goddess of Gharwal and Kumaon and has been a towering influence on the, The soap videos provide both a glimpse of popular British, It tells the stories of three families of different, Outside representationalism, what we are dealing with could not be, Suo's movie was, beyond sweet entertainment, a subtle look at Japanese work, He's a wise sage, a joker, a politico, an eccentric artist, a, It's just a pity there doesn't really seem to be any proper youth, Anyone with kids knows what a big influence the, During this period the gap between most forms of high, Young people are attracted to drugs and the drug, But the beauty of the scenery and the charm of Thai, This connection to both local and global urban realities has generated a range of critical responses from. , Because Ally’s religious culture frowns against homosexuality, she has to hide her true feelings. It's difficult to see culture in a sentence . It is a question of averting this danger, and of securing the, The working-men in the two countries stretch out their hands to each other over the frontiers as pioneers of true, Was not my mother afraid to trust me in such a mixed multitude, with men and women her inferiors in, If the mind and heart of a nation become barbarized, no classic, Some of the girls began to move up and down, practicing, Goethe's Mephistopheles is a gentleman of, Following several generations of their offspring, they bore a race of ugly and canker-covered beings that developed a, That this position is erroneous is plain from the many myths here collected from peoples lower in, They had stood from the beginning for dignity, for manners, for the essence of social, Fancy prices are paid for position, and for the, After all, if one's aim resolved itself into the development of a type and, Along this road it is probable would come the first real light and, And now I wonder whether the prophet was mistaken, or whether at the last moment he detected signs of, The well-equipped speaker is one who has a superior, Culture in a sentence | Short example sentence for culture, Crossbar in a sentence | Short example sentence for crossbar, Strategic Planning in a sentence | Short example sentence for strategic planning, Get Used in a sentence | Short example sentence for get used, Directives in a sentence | Short example sentence for directives, Carer in a sentence | Short example sentence for carer, Etic in a sentence | Short example sentence for etic, The Stuff in a sentence | Short example sentence for the stuff, Recites in a sentence | Short example sentence for recites, Successor in a sentence | Short example sentence for successor, Impact in a sentence | Short example sentence for impact, Influenced in a sentence | Short example sentence for influenced, Outlook in a sentence | Short example sentence for outlook, Perception in a sentence | Short example sentence for perception, Legacies in a sentence | Short example sentence for legacies, Fascination in a sentence | Short example sentence for fascination, Legacy in a sentence | Short example sentence for legacy, Influences in a sentence | Short example sentence for influences, Words to describe Culture | Culture Adjectives.

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