dsl100h vs dsl100hr

I'll be getting 2x12 doesn't matter if I'll choose the DSL or the SC, now please help me decide if the DSL would please my needs and bring me quality tones like the SC would.

The 100 will give you much more if you need clean, but if you always have distortion on, the 20 is fine as long as you mic it at festivals. Ive owned and gigged both several times—I feel as though this is greatly overstated. Bummer. Three great channels of great tone.

Turn it up to 11.

The big difference is clean headroom. I've been playing my JVM215C for couple of years and for some reason it never quite felt like a really clear and responsive tube amp for me. I mainly play Rock/Metal and even Blues, more modern style but love the classics too, I need a good distortion to be boosted with my OD pedals and a good clean channel. Tube, Solidstate, Valve. I’ve used tube screamer, OCD and now use a Maxon 808 and all three worked fine. I really like the JCM800 sound it's really outstanding but it's a one channel amp and of course the mini version lacking all the bass that the big brother with 100W produce. Have you thought of maybe a 2205 or a 2210 ? I'm really interested in seeing how this refresh handles 4CM with an Axe FX II now with the midi control! I prefer the JCM2000 DSL over the DSL100H. I have my JVM set up as a hot rodded JCM800 style amp.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, B-52 AT100, Engl Ironball, Boss Katana 100 Head. I like it more than my DSL50 and I like that amp a lot.

Hey guys im new to buying heads and cabs and im looking to buy a full stack rig i already have my eye on a marshall MX412A for a cabinet. Anything in specific tho for the cabs? For me, the 'magic' of the green channel crunch isn't there in the newer model. ( see what I did there ?) On the low end try: You made my day with this solution it really can work and make the SC20 a clear choice, but I have to ask you if the volume level of the guitar stays the same ( if it's really possible ) when you turn on the pedal and get instant clean by reducing the sound, although someone said it only clears the gain and I'm talking about the Signal Pad as my only option cause in my country I could never find the DETOX EQ and I don't care cause much the Signal Pad looks promising and very simple to use. Hey, first of all I know it's 100W versus 20W but those two with a cabinet will cost me pretty much the same give or take. I’ve owned three JVM Amps and still have one. I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to help others make an informed decision. ). From the manual (need to have footswitch disconnected to see status LED): With the Amp on standby and no signal (guitar) being played, most people seem to think it's fine to do. Unfortunately for me though it's not enough of an improvement to keep it, as IMHO a post EQ in the loop is still required to use both channels realistically. Playing at a festival, your amp is almost certainly going to be mic’d. 800's clean up fairly good by rolling down guitar volume, but a "good clean channel" can only be had by pulling the guitar cable from the high input and inserting it in the low input. But the amp you have can do everything you’re looking for with much more to offer than the two amps you are shopping for. Bought the DSL100H new last year and returned it within two weeks. Silver Supporting Member. Look right below the Speaker Jacks, it reads "CONNECT SPEAKERS BEFORE USE". Sounds to me you have a hole in your pocket and want to spend some money and buy a new amp. DSL100H vs DSL100HR - what is the difference? Guitar, Bass, and other instrument amplification discussed here. Thank you for the review. Also, what's the difference between those 2 as well? Fender, Marshall, Orange, Behringer, Ampeg. And if you’re at a place where that amount of volume matters that much, just run your amp through the PA-it has more than enough wattage to fill the room.

A DSL20HR VS DSL100HR. My question is a 20 watt head enough for me or do i need a 100? On the other side there is an amp that got great tones with separate channels, made in Vietnam vs UK where the SC20H has been made. The crispy one got returned and I kept the 800. If the transformer can't take that level of "stress", then I hope it implodes. If it's quality vs versatility I'll always go for quality, like I'm doing now and selling my JVM. Ahhhh. Posted by 1 year ago.

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