early extension with driver

A very noticeable drop in height (similar to Tiger) during transition. Watch the video below, where I … Hmmm, we could also link ‘breathing air’ with consistency problems, so……. The extension is achieved without any forward movement (thrust) of the lower body towards the golf ball during the downswing.

The effect of this is a “squat”, more pronounced in some players, less in many others. Typischerweise resultieren daraus ein geblockter Ball nach rechts oder ein Hook nach links. It’s not “extending” that is the issue, it’s when, why and how to change it. Wie Sie die Hüftrotation trainieren, um das sogenannte „Auflösen der Körperwinkel” zu vermeiden. What we see is that the hammer will be creating a very large force to the thrower roughly in the direction of the pink arrow. We see the same thing with Mcilroy, with the body moving upwards through impact via leg extension and spine extension. Hear about new videos, upcoming clinics, new site features, and exclusive discounts. Early extension is a huge problem with golfers. All swings, whether they be in golf, baseball, tennis or a hammer throw are all about loading force and releasing that force. Wenn Sie zu irgendeinem Zeitpunkt in Ihrem Schwung eine Lücke zwischen der Linie und Ihrer Hüfte sehen, gehören Sie leider zu den 70 Prozent der Amateurgolfer, die an der Early Extension leiden. And without it, you might even play worse golf with your current swing. I have tried squatting a little before i swing my driver it seems to help .

Hi Adam,I think this is one of your best ever blogs.I blamed early extension on my poor shots,shanks- just about everything I suppose, but you have made realise that we do need extension, but do it right and in the correct sequence.

Even better golfers often suffer from early extension, usually because they have the wrong concept of how to use their lower body in the golf swing. Steep clubhead COM path? Sure, it eliminates early extension, but just feels ridiculously contrived. Level hips back then tilt down left hip will create a large hip turn. The early extension caused me to move forward and crowd the ball in the backswing, forcing me to come over the top during the downswing because I had no room between my body and the ball for my arms to swing from inside to out. For that reason, we shouldn’t be trying to reduce the extension. Also, it is not 100% necessary for the head to drop and raise as the examples shown – this is just a pattern seen in a lot of good players – especially with iron shots.

Trying to maintain your spine angle is like trying not to cough when you’re sick. And the reason is actually pretty simple: early extension is a symptom, and not a swing flaw. If the pelvis is unable to rotate around the lead hip due to joint or muscular restrictions

Because the thing is, extension isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This serves to speed the hammer up. Required fields are marked *. early extend? My observation of smaller athletes that hit the ball a long way, Justin Thomas, as an example, have a great deal of side bend through impact.

This player didn’t have any squat during the transition. This is a game of tug of war with the forces of the club, and if you lose you are going to get pulled forwards off balance. What’s the cause? The squat is the result of this snake like action. Oh… and in case you’re wondering if these drills actually work…. This swing characteristic causes the arms and club to get stuck behind your When you early extend, your belt buckle will probably be pointing straight at the target line (rather than the target), so with this thought you’re trying to go to the other extreme. The left picture is before the top of the swing, the right picture is after transition. Look how much lower his head is by the time his left arm reaches parallel in the downswing. My thinking is the upward motion of the left shoulder creates a push into the left leg/foot that creates the ground forces that we see discussed so much. Or if we did hit the ball, we’d hit it a lot worse.

This is the best thing I have seen on early extension and wanted to say thank you! Hard to improve it until you improve wrist set and arm swing in the backswing. Your analysis does not appear to fit the definition. So if in this position where the backswing’s fine, the golfer stands up. Basically, I changed my intent from hit this position/that position in the backswing/dowswing, to simply: I give zero thought to my backswing (I’m keeping impact as the picture in my head). Ultimately you’re going to get a similar end result to my impact focused drill above: Open hips at impact.

Lack of maintaining your golf posture is not a defect in your system at all! Failure to perform these movements

Lots of people observe early extension in their golf swing. Keep your rear against the wall as you swing and you’ll feel what it’s like to stay in your posture and not extend early.

This drill, or swing thought if you prefer, gets you to focus on pointing your belt buckle towards and left of the target at impact. You’re steep coming into the ball. Early extension caused me to slice and block the shot out to the right. It’s too bad you are getting a lot of negative comments.

With this intent, you would shallow the club in transition automatically.

This is a good drill from Dan Whittaker that gets you to engage the lower body in transition by pushing down with the right heel.

Still got plenty of swing faults to go, but you have helped me with several of them. It’s known by various names: early extension, pelvic thrust, even “humping” the ball in some circles. They know lag is a good thing, so they try to force lag into their golf swing. Perfekt für Unterwegs, Zugriff auf alle Ausgaben, keine Wartezeit. Players that have this fault will also complain of getting stuck

When should a player extend? He has essentially squatted down. This is biomechanical data – not just video analysis.

Limited trunk to pelvis separation is usually caused by reduced spinal and rib cage

In this article, I will explain the myth of early extension, as well as why your attempt to fix it may be hurting your game more than helping you. Below are some videos for you to check out. If you deliver your action to the ball on purpose or by default, you SHOULD GET EARLY EXTENSION! Body extension forces through impact can help with. It is the acceleration and braking system of the body.

And it can cause a variety of different misses. EE is a result of a swing issue. Nun führen Sie einen Schlag aus und achten darauf, dass sich Ihre Hüfte in beiden Schwungphasen bis zur Finishing-Phase keinen Zentimeter vom Stuhl löst!

Meinen Namen, E-Mail und Website in diesem Browser speichern, bis ich wieder kommentiere. We also seem to agree that 3. fix your steep swing and you fix your EE – to a certain extent, EE can be caused by a steep shaft and reducing that “can” (but not always) improves EE. If I delay hip rotation and sync up with my arm swing with hip turn I do not extend too early. Hi Jhujuju, 2 points for you to consider.

Your readers might recognize low heel strike patterns on their drivers.

Das Verständnis für diese Bewegung ist relativ einfach zu erklären und ich hoffe, dass ich es Ihnen schon etwas näherbringen konnte, das Umsetzen ist jedoch eine andere Sache.

I am not saying the pros in my post are early extending.

When early extension is the result of a physical issue, it usually means you have limited mobility in your ankles, knees, hips and/or spine. EE is the result of a swing issue – yes in a lot of cases it is purely mechanical. Selbst bei Spielern mit einem guten Handicap tritt dieser Fehler noch sehr häufig auf.

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