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This name has been murdered violently for me, having been a preschool teacher for 7 years. It's elegant, short and sweet and simple, with a lot of character in its two syllables. I actually don't really like it that much, but strangely enough, I LOVE Emily. I'm called Emma and it's a really awkward name to have. I did my own version of the 'If you like Emma, you might love...', check it out if you are interested. Is that sarcasm or is it a mistake: 'I've vowed not to give my future children unique names'. They were so adorable. Emmeline, But after the book by Jane Austen I have warmed up slightly to it. Top rated girls names. Well-known Emmas: the title character in Jane Austen's Emma; actresses Emma Thompson, Emma Stone, and Emma Watson. Approximately during … Emelina, Approximately during the years 1881-1884, 1911-1915, and 1981-2003, the name Emma took a definitive turn upwards in popularity whereas 2004-2010 were years of successive downward movement. If you think that, try to be named Mary or her variations that have been popular for centuries. They're going to have to go as Emma B., Emma S., and Emma T. for example, for quite some time unfortunately. I have loved having this name as it has characteristics attached that summed the kind of person I want to be. Plus, it's number 1! I don't know why people is so worried about the popularity of this name. It has been among the top names given to baby girls in the United States, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Ireland, France, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Canada, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Hungary, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain in the past 10 years. Emmelyne. Where is the name Emma popularity headed? My name is Emma and I really like it. The name Emma is a huge favorite but has recently started to drift downward in popularity. If you hear it all the time you gonna hate it, but if you really recognize the name you'll start liking it !

It just isn't my favorite.And this name is so popular! Use Emery, Emmaline or Emmalyn instead. It's very common. Previous (2019) | All years Top 100 baby names of 2020 This top 10 contender has enjoyed a rank in the top 500 since 1880, when the Social Security Administration began keeping records.

Only name your daughter this if you want her constantly looking over her shoulder when she hears her own name, looking at the other Emma, or worse, not even responding to her own name anymore because it's only her they're referring to about 20% of the time. I think it deserves the popularity, Same! It's so timeless and gorgeous! I have never had another Emma in my school. I have positive associations with the name Emma, so I like it an awful lot. Data for a given year is not made available until well into the next year. The Emma I know has a sister named Mia and I really like both names even though I know they are very popular. Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. Emma is uber-popular for a reason: it's pretty, easy to pronounce in many languages, sweet, short, ages well, and has history and meaning behind it. It's hard to find all those qualities combined in one name, which is exactly why so many parents (over 17,000 last year) have chosen Emma and made it the top girls' name. I much prefer Emmeline, Emily or even Emmy/Emme. And now it's a total namecrush for me. One year, my younger brother had a class with 5 Emmas, and there were only 15 kids in the class! Pretty name just wish it wasnt too popular. I actually really like this name and I don't usually like the really popular names. Emmy, It began … I love the connection to Jane Austen's "Emma" - she was kind of my role model for this name (especially the one from BBC adaptation). Extreme popularity.

But they continue to feel like very similar names. it's nice". I know two other Emma's, one online and one in real life. We're excited that you have an opinion about the name Emma. i dont think this name is pretty. Emme, I love this name so much!!! Emmaline, I love the name emma it is sweet,cute and short. What if I said your name sounded like a fart? I love the name, and think it's beautiful! Also I don't get that many people think of Emma as very pretty, because I'm not very attractive! Parents who have turned from Emily to Emma seeking something more distinctive will have to keep looking.

I also think that it makes a nice nickname for "Emily. Not sure if I would like the names as much if I didn't have those associations.

Emma is simple but has deep history, is streamlined and modern-feeling yet distinctly feminine. It's a cute name, but it's too popular for me to use. I’m sorry to offend anyone but I just think this name is very dull. I do agree that it sounds okay, and that it's not the worst name, but it's not a good name anymore because of the popularity. Ines . I think around the time that Ross and Rachel named their baby Emma on Friends is when the name really became popular. It's simple and elegant. Oh! Emma was given a big boost among popular baby names when it was given to Rachel and Ross's baby on Friends in 2002. I used to hate it for being so "plain" but as I've gotten older I have really come to appreciate the simplicity of it. I've only ever gone to school with one other Emma and we have been friends since we were 3! Will probably make the child feel not very special. Three of the hottest young female stars share the name: Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, and Emma (born Emily) Stone. If ur trying to get something more unique, consider some less popular but similar names: Anya StellaEmberEmrahElsaEmmaline EmerEmery Ana, My name is Emma and I really love it! Anacyclics of the first name Emma. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Emmie, Emma is short, sweet, and has a cute spelling. It's absolutely gorgeous!!!! I was born in Australia in 1989 and it was the third most popular girls name in my state that year. I never liked Emma. A very old royal name well used throughout the centuries—Queen Emma married King Ethelred the Unready in 1002—Emma is also historically associated with Lady Hamilton, the mistress of Lord Nelson and muse of painter George Romney. The oldest woman in the world right now is named Emma. My twin sister is an Emma, and we both hate the name. I can totally see why it's so popular now. Im aware! I don't know where my love for this name came from, but it's a favorite.

I know at least 5 other Emmas so it can be a bit confusing when someone calls our name.I wish it wasn't so popular but I can understand why it is. Just asking! I love having a name that no one ever misspells or gives me an awful nickname for haha. Emmette, The more babies that are given a particular name, the higher the popularity ranking. I've only met one little girl named Emma. I never know who is talking to me. I thought it was such an common, boring, old lady sounding name. The more I hear it on the show, the more I love it! That's sad. It sounds like the noise someone would make if they had their mouth full of food. Something about this name I just don't like and I cannot figure it out. I met many more Emilys growing up. I like this name, but don't love it. Despite the popularity never met anyone named this. For ideas beyond the top 100, check out our baby name inspiration video, baby name polls, and themed name lists. Emma: Baby name popularity graph, 1880-2020 The below graph, labeled 'Percentage named … however, the number of children named Emma lately has dropped.

Historical popularity of Emma. In fact, I'm typing this in a classroom with two other Emmas. Classic, pretty, elegant name, no wonder people love it! love the name even though it is sooooooooo popular!!!! I am not one for trendy-popular names and at the time, it wasn't that popular.

", This is my name and I don't like it. Absolutely love the name Emma! I was changing a main character's name over and over again. Love this name, one of my absolute favourites. Please note, we update the data each May when the SSA releases new figures. Firstly, we are annoyed at our Mum for calling us Emma and Elizabeth, and Emma is just too common. The Jane Austen novel 'Emma' is my personal favourite of hers, so that is another bonus for the name, and I can't see myself falling out of love with it, ever. Emmah, It's still not really my thing, though. Unfortunately it is so popular - I wish it wouln't be. Don't use something so popular. I can see the appeal, but I just don't like it. The name Emma is a girl's name of German origin meaning "universal".. Emma originated as a diminutive for Germanic names beginning with the ermen root.

I don't really like this name because it is too short. Ottilie . Its highest popularity RANKING of #1 was reached for the first time in 2008 and as recently as 2018. I love it too! I love this name so much, classic and beautiful. Emmelyn, I think Emma is growing on me (because of the wonderful Emma Stone) but I still don't understand why everyone loves this name so much. I can see why it's so popular!

As a kid I hated it but now I have made peace with my name but have always gone by Emma only Emma-Claire with some family members. Well-known Emmas: the title character in Jane Austen's Emma; actresses Emma Thompson, Emma Stone, and Emma Watson. That's what I call common! I don't even know. Popularity statistics for the given name Emma. I feel an Emma can be anyone or embody anything- from an artsy contemplative person to a spirited and lively personality, as well as any age from baby girl to elderly woman. I might not consider this name for a few years to come and by then the hype for this name should be over. © 2020 Nameberry.com. Enna is a nice, less popular, similar name too Emma, too! I prefer Emily or Emme, but this is still a nice name, just wish it was not so popular. Rate Emma. I found it on a TV show and then I started reading Jane Austen and was like, "huh, Emma!". I like the fact that it is just as fitting on a newborn as it is on a 90 yr old.

One of my many favorite girl names. It's also at the top of the list of the many fashionable girl names starting with E, which also includes Ella, Eleanor, and Eliza. This name is just perfect. I find it so boring and Meh. All the other Emmas I've met love our name :). It was also used by Jane Austen for the central character, the matchmaker Emma Woodhouse, in her novel Emma (1816). Sorry for the rant. (no, I was not named after Ross and Rachel's baby or the Jane Austen character!) I named my 9 month old Emma Grace! I love this name, I like Emma Stone and I have a relative named Emma but I would never use this name, its up there for me with all those other too common names already! xD. I'm neutral on this name.

I am usually the only one with the name Emma in the building! I've never felt like and individual in my entire life. I've tried to like it or at least become neutral but it won't work.

It isn't that popular, specially in certain countries. Emily and Emmaline or Emmelyn or Emilia just seem prettier. I love Emerald as an alternative, though - and Em and Emmy can still work as nicknames, or even Emma. If multiple names have the same usage, the tie is broken by assigning popularity rank in alphabetical order. My name is Emma-Claire, I also have a middle name. Side note, my middle name is, Nicole - Jean and I think that's a go's good with Emma or just Emma Nicole or Emma Jean works good to.

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