employee resistance to change

For me most staff will reluctantly accept change if they understand the why. Senior sponsors of organizational change often blame implementation failures on employee and middle manager resistance to change. Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that people spend an average of 7.8 hours a day at work. Sometimes, employees need to hear from people who do not have a stake in the game to overcome resistance.

Within that framework, your job is to empower the employees to make the change work.

Listening to employee concerns and ideas will help reduce resistance to change.

Every change is scary and uncomfortable at first. There are many others in addition to these groups, and it will likely depend on what is rolled out and the company culture. This quote, said over 90 years ago, still holds true today when it comes to the workplace. Employees can also feel uncomfortable with the changes introduced and resist, sometimes unknowingly, through their actions, their language, and in the stories and conversations they share in the workplace. You can reduce natural resistance by the actions you take and how you involve the employees. Deep in their hearts, they want to become part of the bigger picture of the organization.

In such a work environment, employees feel free to tell their boss what they think and have open exchanges with managers about how they think the changes are going. Although leaders can’t always make people feel comfortable with change, they can minimize discomfort. Management can help the situation by actively looking for instances where two employees are butting heads, and intervening to help bring understanding and compromise to the situation. A. Put these tips to the test and start molding a company culture that celebrates its differences and embraces change. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. I’d add that one of the main barrier’s I’ve come across in big organisations especially is the frequency of change – there’s always a new system to transition too, new technology, new processes. If you are a leader or manager, it is helpful to convey how the changes will also affect your work. Today’s workplace is made up of four different generations. There could be a legitimate concern about the way a change is being implemented that leaders and managers should know. To combat this type of resistance to change, an organization may consider offering incentives. Happier customers, increased sales, a pay raise, recognition from the boss, and an exciting new role or project are examples of ways in which you can help employees feel compensated for the time and energy that any change requires. Are Your Employees Ready to Commit to Change? In a company-wide change effort, for example, the employee input will most likely affect how to implement the changes at a departmental level, not the issue of whether to make the changes in the first place.

You know the saying, prepare for the worst, hope for the best? Organizational change – Reasons why people resist change. This takes up a majority of American’s waking hours in a day, so any changes at work represent a change in the daily routine of an employee. iOFFICE Hummingbird: A Leading Workplace Experience Platform, 8 Tips for Overcoming Employee Resistance to Change, Lack of awareness about why changes are being made, Lack of visible support and commitment from managers.

Motivating people to change direction , building new strategies, transforming business models , and adopting new ways of collaboration . You cannot successfully implement change without support from all levels of business. One of the key factors is an environment in which there is a widespread belief that a change is needed. Sometimes employees recognize a flawed plan or one lacking any real strategy. Resistance to change is best viewed as a normal reaction.

Managing resistance to change can be a challenge. This is detrimental to any change manager who is trying to roll out a new piece of technology, procedure update, or company transition.

Among the best/top leadership blogs on the web: More than 40+ referrals, recommendations: Change management is obsolete - Change management is broken - Change management isn't applicable anymore. If you can't buy into the fact that the chosen direction is where you are going, you can, at least, buy into the fact that it is critical that you support it. Resistance is also minimized if there is a widespread belief that the changes are needed and will have a positive effect. So, the efforts that you have expended in building this type of relationship will serve you well during the change implementation.

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