fender 94 twin amp

LOL. here is why. Or, does the first letter indicate month and the 2nd indicate year? The Red knobs are ” NOT ” the Evil Twin. - Seitenständer dabei, um den Amp schräg stellen zu können Ytsejam777, Mehrwertsteuer und Versandkosten und ggf. The amplifier comes with fitted 19 inch tilt back legs and is on castors to make it easy to move around and with the Original footswitch. I am looking at a “Twin”, black face, with 2 inputs, 6 knobs in the first section, 5 in the second, and 3 in the last. My date code is “JC” (1999 March). It has P.N 026488 Special Design 12” 8 ohm speakers (Eminence OEM). Just curious…….. Defly not ice clean as it should be. It is also very different to its replacement model. I’d like to know if Fender’s website is showing the month and year letters backwards. Later on I began to experiment on the harsher distortion sounds. This amp, the ’94 PR266 Twin Amp, is the official “evil” Twin, it is a black face, and has been correctly labelled by Ampwares. I am thinking of running it with 2 ET65's but would be open to mixing an ET65 with another WGS 12 if I knew it would be a good match. The reverb is typically still active even without the footswitch. Guitar volume to taste. The noise persists when preamp tubes V1-V6 are removed. The channels all sound awesome. Did it replace the ’94 style Twin? http://support.fender.com/manuals/guitar_amplifiers/94_Twin_Amp_manual.pdf, http://backlinerentalnederland.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Fender_The_Twin.pdf, https://fmic1.zendesk.com/attachments/token/usJjQjqGURbrwqepnlVHyH16E/?name=Twin+Amp+%28%2794+Twin%2C+Evil+Twin%29+Schematic+and+Layout.pdf, http://img.audiofanzine.com/images/u/product/normal/fender-twin-amp-2002-2010-762.jpg. This black-and-silver sticker contains several lines for “sign-offs” on completion of sound and electrical testing. Weight: 77 lbs. Although they are not as bad as some call them, they are also efficient beyond any sense! Yes that is considered,the 1994 Fender Twin amp, i have a 1997 Fender Twin amp also.From 1998 to 2002, i believe is when they changed the amp to that thicker cabinet,white push bright switch type.The 1994-1997 is the It also has a Balanced XLR Line Out @600ohms (great For plugging directly into a soundboard! I have a PR266 with documentation from Fender stating that the “94” Twin Amp is the ONLY Evil Twin… The model came out in 94 and continued for a few years before tremolo was added. Been using my Hiwatt instead, I would REALLY love to find out as much as I can. Hey, no surprise there. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Fender 94 TWIN-AMP Amplifier. I am putting it up for sale so I want to make the accompanying information as correct as possible. As you can see with my CR serial number, C=1992 but the second letter is supposed to represent the month, however, there are only twelve months in a year, hence it should end at L…so why does mine have an R? This should also work for other amps that have pairs of power tubes. – If it is definitely of Paul Rivera design “Certainly wasn’t any component weight savings going on with the red knob amps because my amp weighs 77 pounds.

It seems to fit quite a bit to the G12C. When it is plugged in and the volume turned up,in the Pre-Amp Really comes through, the 2nd Gain stage (which is what made this amp so popular when it first came out) literally will transform the amp into any “Boutique Amp” you want!! Paul Rivera had nothing to do with the design of these amps, but they are very nice nonetheless. Avoid the model with red knobs that loks otherwise similar. Yes this thread is very old but I just couldn’t resist posting a comment. The upper range of the G12C seems to dominate because of the frequency response. Fender 94 TWIN-AMP Manuals & User Guides. Professional Tube Amplifier Made in USA, I cannot determine the year of manufacture (don’t really care). Die Auswahl reicht von Elektronik, Kleidung und Accessoires, Angeboten für Babys & Kinder über Möbel fürs Wohnen & Garten bis hin zu speziellen Interessen wie Autos oder Immobilien. The originla speakers are on the bright side and tend to sound harsh when driven. Database contains 1 Fender 94 TWIN-AMP Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Owner's manual . I have a vintage guitar player magazine where Fender advertised “The Twin’ as the evil twin, Are you saying “The Twin” is the original “Evil Twin”? Now,, I literally picked this amp up for a song. - Leistung: 100 Watt / auf 25 Watt u He looked up the serial number and tells me that “CR” is the code for manufacture location, which in this case is in California, USA. I suppose you could say the red knob Twin is also an evil Twin as so many people call it that. Now my stack can be any combination of…. Fender '94 Twin Amp Noise... 11-09-2009, 05:34 PM. People think this but I have read quite a bit on this and the red knobs are mistakenly called ” The Evil Twin”. The high voltage supplies for the preamp tubes are tapped off prior to the output switch (S9). Fender actually refers to this amp as the "94 Twin". It’s the predecessor with the black face and knobs that is actually The Evil Twin.Contact Fender and they should confirm this.If not maybe they can clarify it a little more. Don’t know for ABSOLUTE, but I believe most Fender amps made after 1996 are made in Ensenada, Mexico. All to no avail. But I realized that I would not get two converters into that smallish cab. on the quality assurance (QA) sticker on the back of the amp chassis. duhbearz44@gmail.com. If I am right you are talking about the quite versatile The Twin Model, which was also known as Evil Twin and is more or less what is called a Red Knob Twin, even if it doesn´t have red knobs by itselves?! There is no Made in U.S.A. printed under power light and it says Professional Tube Amplifier vs. Fender Musical Instruments.

FWIW, I believe the CR in the serial number stands for Corona not California as TT mentioned. Followed by the Last (non Push/Pull) pot for Reverb. I’m in Adelaide and have The Evil Twin, 2 x inputs and marked either ie 1998 May or le 2001 May can’t work it out. Do a SEARCH on this site (upper left box) for LOTS of info on Fender Twins!! Guitar and Amplifier knowledge base brought to you by Mojotone, Model/Circuit Number: E45 I have also read elsewhere that Paul Rivera designed the E45/PR266 circuit in the late 80’s, so this would appear to be of the Paul Rivera design also.

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