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Snell soon discovered that Saturday nights at a bar in a town that calls itself “Florida’s Last Frontier,” can be anything but sedate or relaxing. Always held that in the back of my mind that that would be a really interesting approach someday. And now we get a call from Tony Bosch who says, "I'd like to meet with you and discuss the possibility of doing a documentary." Billy Corben makes movies about subjects that some people would rather forget. There's, like, floor-to-ceiling windows and then an open kitchen. KG: Take me to when you finally got to show the results to someone else. The suspect was gone when officers arrived, she said. This restrained approach to showing blood, however, might not have always been the plan, revealed Corben during our interview. How'd that go down? You know, we've made a lot of sports documentaries. Shout! After the Tropopkin catches him and beings feasting on his body, Todd watches on in horror as the boy kicks and convulses from behind a hedge. (One online reviewer commented that the Tropopkin’s face reminded him of what happens when you melt those little green plastic army men.

Nobody believes him. In an interview conducted several years ago with, the late composer and conductor, the late Terry Plumeri, spoke about the process of scoring original music for Stepmonster. “Another film…which I feel is one of my greatest accomplishments in film music, was a Disney Channel film called Stepmonster, about a stepmother who from time to time turned into a monster and ate some of the neighborhood kids as well as the adults.

KG: Was there ever a moment when you were watching this and thinking, "Oh no, this isn't gonna work?". A-Rod is experiencing this — I can't even call it a resurgence in popularity. KG: You decided to do this anyway. The film will be available on DVD on April 19.

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*The author would like to thank Billy Corben, Jeremy Stanford, Alan Thicke, Robin Riker, Mike McCarty, Gabe Bartalos, Alba Francesca, Sean Whalen, and Fred Olen Ray for their time and for being willing to take a stroll down memory lane. By: Karina Valdes For students pursuing a career in motion pictures, advice and humor intertwined during the Career Conversations Series with guest Billy Corben, B.S.C. Using archival news clips and impeccably photographed interviews with original participants, the film tells the story of the marijuana trade and culture in 1970’s and 1980’s South Florida. That same year, he took a leave from UM, and together with Spellman they produced their first Rakontur documentary, “Raw Deal: A question of consent.” The film centered around the story of an exotic dancer who filed rape charges after being hired to perform at a Gainesville fraternity house in 1999, Two days later she was arrested for filing a false police report. It's not even fair. At their very core they’re simple, honest portrayals of the human spirit and they were effective in capturing the essence of what it means to be a kid usually through the conquering of malevolence and evil. if (l[i].substring(0, 1) == ' ') output += "&#"+unescape(l[i].substring(1))+";";

Corben’s signature hashtag is “a good answer to…some of the most unexplainable things,” he recently told Miami New Times. KG: So, what happened? Over 10 years of excellent service guiding tours. if (screen.width<=700) { This virtual screening is eligible for audience awards! Somebody is trying to tell us to make this documentary. I get claustrophobic and that's an issue for me," Maples said. You see all kinds of things at the airport. He had a baby Biggie lip synching, a baby Puffy, a baby Busta Rhymes, a baby Lil' Kim. Filmmaker Billy Corben posted a video on Twitter that got some attention Wednesday morning. We didn't want anybody to know what we were doing, and we wound up with his incredible cast of the most professional, responsible kids who had a very challenging part, which was to not only memorize lines but to be able to deliver them exactly the way the interview subjects originally said them. We changed the names in the script. The thing is, "Screwball" is not about sports. Filmmaker Billy Corben Photo by Stian Roenning Issues of race, immigration, and even voter suppression are still making headlines in 2020 — just as they did in 1980 and 2000. How did that conversation go? The man in the video was identified by social media users as Daniel Maples, a salesman at Tedd Todd Insurance. And after several meetings and a couple months, Tony goes to federal prison. “I won’t feel like the film has really been released until it’s screened in Miami.”. From grandfather Norman’s question to Todd’s father, “We all get horny, Georgey boy.

Working with Oscar-winning executive producer Adam McKay (The Big Short) and HBO, he surveys the current state of the union to … document.getElementById('eeEncEmail_CoSmC1ALa3').innerHTML = output; To make them look good, to have them stylistically incorporate into your documentary seamlessly. “It was cute.”, Corben emphasizes that “We just didn’t go into the town and make our film to leave and never return.”, He said that after completing a shoot in Ft. Myers recently, he and Snell “took the long way back and stopped in Everglades City for dinner.”. There was some inspiration for this and some foundation for it. Defeated, Todd retreats back to his comics. On her last day of production she gave everybody in the cast and crew a gift.

I hope you find out some information about your father. I still have mine somewhere.”, –Ami Dolenz: “Ami was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen in my life. What genre is this movie?" They’re important films for youngsters because they champion the notion that kids are relevant, even powerful, and that they have an important place in the world. “Why was that so bad?” he was asked recently.

And then listening to the way Tony Bosch told a story and Porter Fischer told a story, who are our two primary narrators, I said, "Oh, they're so vivid and in the moment." Can he stop this man-eating monstrosity from marrying his father before becoming the Tropopkin’s next treat? Both of them spoke like in dialogue.

Having re-watched the film several times during the writing of this piece, it seems to me that there already exists a built-in audience for exactly this type of film (from kids to horror fans to horror fans with kids) — even if some of them don’t even yet realize that Stepmonster exists in the first place. Filmmaker Billy Corben is Florida’s foremost fighter for fairness. Born, in part, out of the imagination of independent cult filmmaker legend, Fred Olen Ray, Stepmonster is a mostly forgotten 1990s monster movie full of ridiculous humor, a fun monster, and enjoyable cast performances — particularly for such a low budget film. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); His mother wanted nothing to do with his new-found acting career.

“Speaking again to tone, it was this very clever Bernard Herrmann pastiche but still very much in a kind of 1990s children’s horror movie kind of way. Are we doing this right? "I remember someone saying something to me about 'I have cancer, I have cancer.' With that incredible number as his title, Corben’s high-octane new film takes what is in danger of becoming a historical footnote and drills-down to the #BecauseFlorida machinations that took place at the time, featuring interviews from insiders and political operatives from both major political parties. The video has been viewed more than 11 million times. This article is more than 1 year old.. Billy Corben is a documentary filmmaker who’s lived all his life in Miami. But the truth is that he did not study medicine in the United States, and he was not licensed to practice it in the United States.

Because I feel like there's such a level of disregard for authority and the rules and just selfishness. It's pretty out there. It was devastating because I think they [the executives] were concerned that Disney and others wouldn’t pick it up, so Jeremy had to go back and make the necessary trims.”, The special effects used during the Tropopkin transformation scenes are quintessential 90s cheese, though they do culminate into what I think is a really great looking creature — the handy work of Gabe Bartalos and his studio.

Billy Corben makes movies about subjects that some people would rather forget. He was released in 2008 and was interviewed for the film. says: I suggest trying to reach Billy via his Twitter -, Or, by email at .

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