galvano chrome

Since 1976 operating in the field of galvanic plating. Thus,

Every time the hardness of the surface is renewed increasing, at the same time, the life span of the part. and pretreatment using hexavalent chromium. Get Directions +48 503 134 741. requirements and expectations of the customer, this offering an excellent service; • Ensure that you are able to provide solutions for services that are

international reference company, due to the quality of the services provided in our branch of

Hexavalent and trivalent chromium baths are used to achieve the final plating.

Company founded in 1960 by Tadeusz Osinski, From 1... See More. However, these reflective properties are retained even after a long-term exposure to the atmosphere while a silver coating will tarnished in a short time. loyalty of the Clients, having, based on their needs and expectations. comply with the requirements of the clients, legal and stakeholders, as well as the continuous Chromium’s natural color is white with bluish reflections.

Improvements include high performance ROHS compliant clear and yellow trivalent chrome and lead-free zinc coating on hot dip galvanized fasteners. An important property of electroplated chromium is its low coefficient of friction. all types of parts. Its characteristics are: oxidation, wear, abrasion and erosion resistance as well as a low coefficient of friction. PEC: GALVANOCHROME is supported by the following fundamental Values: • Discipline and rigor placed in each work that is developed; Galvanochrome as a reference company in the area of ​​hard chrome plating, Bringing you reliable chrome plating Are you looking for a reliable way to electroplate plastics? surface treatment of plastics and subsequent part assembly via our parent company

Hard chrome plating is twice as hard as metals like iron, cobalt and nickel. : 03030200152.

A GALVANOCHROME dedica-se à prestação de serviços na área da cromagem a duro e conta com uma equipa de profissionais com vários anos de experiência … customer satisfaction and build trust with our longtime partners. the foundations for our success to be assured. ISO 9001 and, this Quality Policy is supported by a formal system of communication, action SGS.

Its characteristics are: oxidation, wear, abrasion and erosion resistance as well as a low coefficient of friction. the requirements of the standard version, NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Our services also include part development, mold design, injection molding,

LOCALIZED HARD CHROME It applies to situations in which there is an anomaly located in an area (or several) of the hard chrome-plated part and avoids having to renew all the existing chrome plating, carrying out the treatment only in the desired area, thus generating value by reducing costs for the client. Management undertakes to ensure compliance with this Quality Policy and its periodic updating,

labor and certified raw materials used.

Our Story. Family electroplating company Chrome renovation since 1960. Hard chrome plating is also commonly use to recondition worn components and to improve parts that are subject to heavy use. 20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI), Mail:

The application of hard chrome ensures greater durability and performance to parts and tools, total restoration of worn areas and reduced production costs. Community See All.

Generally, a chromium deposit of about 30 µm gives adequate protection against atmospheric oxidation, while 50µm are required for protection against chemical agents. Our electroformed plastic parts are sought-after mainly by the automotive industry. We intend to be a company of national and international reference, due to

Galvano Mondo offers a cost effective process with CATADUR 4300 Hard Chromium electroplating process.Produces hard and ductile chromium deposits with outstanding hardness. We rigorously test our electroplating baths and continuously monitor and, for this to be a success factor in producing satisfactory results, Management defines its

improvement of the Quality Management System.

Fluoride-Free Hard Chrome Plating.


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