high current transistor

BEL188 Transistor – Specification and Datasheet, Alarm Signal Generator IC ZSD100 Datasheet, Application, Zener Diode Circuits, Characteristics, Calculations, Types of Resistors and their Working Differences Explored, 1.25V to 120V Mains Adjustable Voltage Regulator Circuit, Voltage Divider Calculator Software – Potential Divider Calculator, Collector-base Voltage (Vcbo) = 100 volts, Collector Emitter Voltage (Vceo) = 100 volts. I hope you understood. Alternatively there's one much easier option as shown in the following diagram, you can directly operate the circuit in conjunction with any suitably rated DC power supply for charging the battery. RT, when two devices are mounted over a common heatsink and their bodies are not supposed to come in contact with each other then mounting them through a mica isolator becomes mandatory…which prevents the device body from touching the heatsink and from shorting circuiting. Hello i want to charge lithium ion battery with high current with minimum input voltage of 5v and charging current should be 0.7A please suggest circuit with high charging current capability.

Even if the diagram is powered by 24v the transistor must dissipate approximately 200w, Yes I agree, so here too it is assumed to be the absolute maximum value. Thanks for the everything it is very much interesting topics. thanks for your quick reply sir am very grateful, sir does that means i will add more diod at the ground of the 7824 to obtain the 24v, 7824 will give you 24V directly, you may have to attach 7 diodes with a 7824 ground lead to get around 29V at the output, 29V is required for charging a 24V battery, sir i want to use the circuit with a24v batteries what are the changes i need to make thanks for always been there for me, You may have to replace the IC with a 7824 and configure it in a similar manner.

The remaining 25 watts are dissipated by the emitter base junction, total 125watts.this at 25 degrees celsius.as the temperature of the junctions increases, the dissipated power decreases by 1wat per degree celsius.so at 50 degrees celsius it can dissipate only 100 watts and at 100 degrees celsius only 50 watts,and this only in the saturation state.in our diagram the transistor does not work in saturation mode so the dissipated power increases significantly up to 160 watts so for this reason we need more transistors in parallel,each with its 0.1 ohm emitter resistor. Related video: High Current Loads When you’re using microcontrollers, you frequently need to control devices that need more electrical current than a microcontroller can supply.

I know that, so please maintain 25 degree Celsius to prevent derating, if you can’t then its your problem not the transistors problem.

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