iran, armenia relations

“The U.S. Embassy consular section has notified applicants whose appointments have been canceled via email,” read the statement on their website. In addition to a pipeline that brings Iranian natural gas into Armenia, has been completed many years ago. [16][17] and to US$300 million by 2014. [18], In June 2015, both nations agreed to start building the 3rd power transmission line. Best for Armenia to still call for dialogue and stay neutral.

[6] Following the incorporation by Russia, Armenia stayed within the Russian sphere until the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Armenian people are amongst the native ethnic groups of northwestern Iran (known as Iranian Azerbaijan), having millennia long recorded history there while the region (or parts of it) have had made up part of historical Armenia numerous times in history. Iran's cultural attaché to Armenia, Reza Atufi, has announced that the two countries have reached a preliminary agreement to make a joint television series. Iran -> Armenia.

Armenia became a satrap of the Persian Empire for a long period of time. And the Jewish lobby is still anti-Armenian. However, Tehran has publicly ruled out asymmetric warfare, opting instead to target US military personnel directly. Since Antiquity there has always been much interaction between Ancient Armenia and Persia (Iran). Though the man’s identity has yet to be made public, a video released by the NSS depicts the suspect, a self-described supporter of disgraced former President Robert Kocharyan, admitting to being behind the page setup to spread disinformation about the Pashinyan administration. A very sensitive position. As correspondent and columnist for the Armenian Weekly, he covers socioeconomic, political, business and diplomatic issues in Armenia, with occasional thoughts on culture and urbanism. Trade turnover between the two countries reached $364 million last year despite Armenia’s reluctant compliance with re-imposed US sanctions on Iranian assets. Due to the very long shared intertwined histories, many of the oldest Armenian chapels, monasteries and churches in the world can be found within modern-day Iran. Iran is also a major Armenian trade partner, as well as a vital route for almost one-third of Armenian goods headed to international markets due to the ongoing illegal blockade of two international borders by Turkey and Azerbaijan over the unresolved Karabakh conflict. Most of the big ones are already out," he said. A hard-liner who has pushed for the toughest possible sanctions on Iran, Bolton's remarks suggested for the first time that the White House may be preparing to grant waivers from the sanctions to some countries like India, Turkey, and South Korea that have requested them.

No Americans died in the strikes while the Iranian missiles showed a high degree of accuracy – that is very telling. Both Iran and the United States are home to very large Armenian minorities, with the 100,000 or so members of Iran’s 400-year-old Armenian community concentrated in … The United States Embassy in Yerevan announced that it would be temporarily suspending all visa and consular services for Iranian citizens, citing the ongoing diplomatic crisis between the two countries as a reason.

Iran has vowed to retaliate against US strategic assets in the region over the killing of the top general, which it described as both “an act of war” and “state terrorism.” The White House countered that Soleimani posed a legitimate target due to his alleged involvement in violence surrounding the US embassy in Baghdad over Christmas.

According to analyst Emil Sanamyan, Azerbaijani sources have also propagated photos purporting to show Soleimani with Armenian military commander Monte Melkonian as evidence of Iran’s support of the Armenian side during the 1988-1994 Karabakh War. Armeno-Iranian relations in the Islamic period. But now the US knows definitively that Iran has very accurate ballistic missiles which it will not hesitate to use in a full scale war. Some of these are the Saint Stepanos Monastery, the St. Thaddeus Monastery, amongst others. General information. For his part, Pashinyan continues to call for de-escalating tensions, pointing to Armenia’s historically close relations with both Iran and the United States. Additionally, the two states have also implemented other multimillion-dollar energy projects.[which?] Instead, his administration expressed concern over US escalation of tensions.

However, Iran also met one of its objectives in this military engagement with the US: it showed that it’s missiles are in fact very capable of striking American military interests in the region including Israel, with the potential of causing massive damage. When you sleep with the Devil, don’t be surprised when you get burned. They are appointed two seats in Iranian Parliament (the most within the Religious minority branch) and are the only minority with official Observing Status in the Guardian and Expediency Discernment Councils. “Obviously, we don’t want to cause damage to our friends in the process,” Bolton added. “The U.S. Embassy consular section has notified applicants whose appointments have been canceled via email,”. A. Bruke, V. Maxwell, I. Shearer, Iran, Lonely Planet, 2012, Armenian Center for National and International Studies, pipeline that brings Iranian natural gas into Armenia,, "Caucasus: Iran Offers To Mediate In Nagorno-Karabakh Dispute",,, "Armenia Deepens Ties With Embattled Iran", "More Iranian Tourists Travel to Armenia", ARMENIA AND IRAN iv. ", – Head of the Department of Tourism at Armenia's Ministry of Economy Mekhak Apresyan, July 2014.[20].

Iran, Turkey, Russia, France and others react to the major flare-up in violence over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.

[20], "Iran is an important market for us. The suspect’s admission to spreading “fake news” did not stop Azerbaijani State Media from picking up the story, however. [11], The Armenian diaspora in Iran is one of the biggest and oldest Armenian communities in the world, as well as the largest in the Middle East. The latter are more Jewish than Christian.

A declaration on establishing diplomatic relations between Armenia and Iran was signed in Tehran on the 9th of February, 1992.

Not only had the two never met in person, but Melkonian’s well-publicized sympathies for Iranian Kurds also would have placed them at odds.

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