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He was stationed in Pleiku, Danang, from 1967 to 1968. near Dak To on November 11, 1967. He was 20 years old. document.cookie = "__adblocker=; expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT; path=/"; Allen Chaney. He is almost blind because of contact with Agent Orange in Vietnam. Amazon.com German-Jewish Popular Culture before the Frey admitted he got a letter. Blanchard served three years in the military with the 1st Cavalry Division. He grew up building roads and working for his father's trucking company at home, so it was fitting he drove a supply convoy truck in Vietnam. }, "Mortar landed in front of the Jeep I was driving and blew out the radiator and the windshield. The men threw their cigarettes and waited for a wrecker truck to pick them up. Lieutenant Colonel. Some of them might not have their boots left when they found the body, noted one veteran. "We were driving along the road in this truck, smokin' and jokin'," Sell said. "@type": "WebPageElement", During the school closure, Ms. Ertini worked with the CCSD Food services to ensure students of the neighboring schools and ours did not go hungry. © 2020 all rights reserved | Rotary Club of Green Valley                               Powered by: Dedicated To: JErik, Mitchell, Nicole Gardberg Mirabella Love, Dedicated To: LtCol Jerome & Francine Gardberg USMCR(Ret), Dedicated To: Jerome The Okun/ Samson Family, How to Join the Rotary Club of Green Valley.

We all carry emotional scars; you just learn to cope.

"They said I was 'dien-cai-dao,'" Frey said with a dry laugh.

Sell quickly added that he only moved the barrels with a forklift. He explained that means "crazy" in Vietnamese. One of his first memories was when he was assigned to a replacement company in the Saigon area and put on guard duty. "url": "https://static.forumcomm.com/images/620x220/pinejournal.png"

Danielson's job was to set up command posts and coordinate air strikes, medevacs, gun ships or whatever support was needed at the time. Photography. He said the time overseas was scary, yet rewarding. Burgett had a typical 12-month tour in Vietnam beginning in May 1966. About Our Hero:U.S. Navy Pilot.

"logo": { "When you're just 18, you're a 'yes' person," Sell said. MN Secretary of State Ellihu Root’s on shore escort in Asia. Her performance in supporting a major multi-service security operation in the first Gulf War was exemplary.

loadChartbeat(); Most of the veterans need an aisle seat, whether at a theater or church.

Everything was constantly wet. "I had goosebumps the size of quarters because I was scared because everything moved," Frey said about his job on a listening post. "The drill instructor said, 'Here, you're the first one they shoot at.' Supported missions in the Persian Gulf. Post 1449, 103 Nanticoke Ave., Endicott, N.Y. 13760. "Agent Orange has affected me a lot," Sell said. "There were scary moments, but it was a good experience because of the friends we made. About Our Hero:Captain Lichty, Marine Officer and CH-46 Helicopter Pilot served in Vietnam 1969-70. Assignments at Finney General Hospital and a military hospital in GA as Assistant Registrar. He arrived on April 1, 1968, to fight with the 7th Marine Regiment. About Our Hero:Greg serviced our country honorably in Vietnam. Blanchard served three years in the military with the 1st Cavalry Division. I'm a big galut at 6-foot-3 and a big target," he said. About Our Hero:Cadet LTC Jimenez is this year’s recipient of the VFW Post 3848 “Outstanding Cadet” Award” for exemplary leadership in the Army JROTC at Silverado High School. "cssSelector": ".tp-modal-open" Later, he volunteered for Operation Oregon; he was awarded an Army commendation medal inscribed with a "V" for valor. Other times, they laughed or poked fun at each other. He made me laugh. var a = axel * 10000000000000; var _cbq = window._cbq = (window._cbq || []); He posts and salutes the flag every morning at his home in Tempe, AZ. The American flag stands for freedom. The American flag stands for freedom. Gaskill was transferred out of the combat zone to Okinawa for a few months, then the Philippines, before he left the military. He is further recognized for enlisting in the U.S. Army. "@type": "ImageObject", About Our Hero: Willie Leron Arthur is my grandfather who served in the medical corp. About Our Hero:Greg served our country honorably in Vietnam. All are involved in support groups for veterans. }]; He explained that in a wheelchair, he was at face level with the bodies, as opposed to standing over them with more distance between. Posted On 28.10.2020 By roqy Leave a Comment on German-Jewish Popular Culture Before the Holocaust Kafkas Kitsch. About Our Hero: Ms. Harris served as Administrative Security Specialist at the Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point, NC. }, About Our Hero:“Bomber pilot and flight instructor with the Royal Canadian Air Force and U.S. Army Air Corps. John Blanchard, 70, served in the Army, as did Jim Frey, 70, and Dave Burgett, 70. He suffers from heart disease, diabetes and neuropathy. They were all Vietnam veterans who served their country in their late teens and early 20s. the dead, so they put me in a wheelchair and brought me to the morgue," Gaskill said. We are grateful for your service in Vietnam and for the legacy of freedom. A percentage of that sale will be donated to  the Nevada Rotary Foundation. Frey credits joining a veterans support group about 15 years ago for helping him cope with his PTSD.

I was out there from midnight until eight in the morning. The veterans also look for the exits in a room while in public. Burgett was back home in June 1969. "name": "pinejournal Administrator" } She has not missed a single day and has worked everyday with a smile on her face. Frey's base was overrun during the Tet Offensive, one of the largest military campaigns of the Vietnam War. He was soon wounded again. "@type": "NewsArticle", They rotated to new companies at the end of the 30 days. The six friends have a few things in common. About Our Hero:Ms. Meg Ryan is the school nurse at Silverado High School. I wasn't as afraid of the Vietnamese as a tiger or snake coming out to get me.".

They all suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A few men in the group asked him sarcastically, but with empathy, about the experience "not leaving him with any long-lasting issues.". window.scrollTo(0, 0); John Blanchard, 70, served in the Army, as did Jim Frey, 70, and Dave Burgett, 70. At Jim's request, contributions can be made to the Jim and Kim Frey Benefit, c/o V.F.W. var _sf_async_config = window._sf_async_config = (window._sf_async_config || {}); We lost friends," Blanchard said. Service: ArmyDate of Service: US Army Air Corp; WWII. One added that Frey had also delivered one to himself. Explore. "For about 40 years, I never went into the movie theater. Captain Lichty, Marine Officer and CH-46 Helicopter Pilot served in Vietnam 1969-70. "About a month and a half later, I was back in the bush," Gaskill said. As was common at the time, he was discharged a few months early. Bob Gaskill and Dapper Danielson are both 68 years old and served in the Marines. 55802, Election 2020: Blesener, Brenner vie for Carlton County District 1 seat, Election 2020: Q&A with Cromwell-Wright School Board candidates. if (!event.origin.includes('newscyclecloud.com')) return;

"true" : "false") + "; expires=" + d.toUTCString() + "; path=/"; About Our Hero:Senior Military Police Advisor, MACV Team 21. "So I've wondered for years, why me?

"dateModified": "2017-11-14T16:20:45.000Z", It was my first experience as a close call. One end of the building the young soldier was guarding was at the edge of the jungle. It took a direct hit and both guys inside were killed. "The MPs walked up to the truck and said, 'You're speeding.' Philadelphia Navy League’s “Sailor of the Century”. } Larry Sell, 73, served in the Air Force and stayed in the military the longest. The World War II and Korean War tags had a small notch from being jammed into the man's teeth so the tag wouldn't get lost, Sell said.

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