joyo ultimate drive

HD demo and comparison of the Joyo Ultimate Drive verses the Fulltone OCD v4 Hey you all, I did the gain and volume mod. JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive The overdrive between distortion and overdrive is different from the usual diode clipping circuit.

So go ahead and try it out in one of your pedals and see if you like it. BTW the 5 Second Fix "As Seen On TV" would work great to make sure that component leads would stay firmly in a socket. it changes in any position. I'll make a note of that in the instructions. When I play live I usually have a high pass on my amp around 220Hz for just that reason.As for changing the mids, I'm not 100% sure at the moment. However, if he really wants this pedal to work for him, I recently made some suggestions on reddit about parts to change to increase bass, you can simply do the opposite and lower the values instead of raising them. But still fat sound and the same amount of gain!Important point: My pedal is a Shelter Ultimate Drive, it's a version distributed here in Brazil, but in the circuit board is writed Joyo JF-02 2010.11.24, same pedal, another skin!....kkkkkkThanks Guys!! I took a schematic from the Harley Benton branded version of this pedal and added in the changes for the mod. But the tone mod is not good: The low pass filter is formed by the 33and22 k (R9/R10) and the 100nF! So I tried changing C1 values to 10nF (still didn't like it) and then after to 1nF. You could also try decreasing each of the 220pF capacitors in the loops of the opamps (C3 and C6 in the schematic). Joyo brings new products to NAMM show 2019. So you're definitely getting rid of a lot of that woofy bass end. do you reckon these mods are likely to help or better to rewire the whole thing or just sell it as is to some sucker? Again thank you for all your help.

A friend asked me to mod his Joyo pedal to reduce the bass response. It's after the Parts section. Much better than the original. I'm curious because I normally can get this pedal to balance out fairly well. He plays mainly Les Pauls and the neck pickup can get a bit boomy (esp. By moving to the Log taper pot you'll get a lot more useable range out of the knob and with a lot less noise. Since tube screamers are often criticized for cutting too much bass I would start by changing the input capacitor (C1) to a lower value (like 10nF). I will say that the corner frequency of the high-pass filter in this pedal is about 1kHz and the corner frequency on a tube screamer is 720Hz. With the gain turned all the way up, you get a very Bogner-ish overdrive that makes you realize why those amps are used by the pros and come with a hefty price tag. That's all detailed here: for where to buy sockets, I get all of mine from Tayda Electronics and I haven't had any issues with them (unless the part has undersized leads). Desolder the drive pot and replace it with the 500K Log pot. Is there a particular reason you want to swap from millenium bypass to true bypass? Just be very careful because the pads are very easy to burn off on the cheap board. Optional: The wires from the footswitch to the main board are cheap and prone to breaking. Thanks for letting me know.

My sons pedal was the one with c9. All three sounds very good. I just ordered all components listed above as well. Not 10 uF. I'll explain how to do the mod and what each part does. Welcome to my DIY guitar effects blog. These are the numbers of the harley Benton schematic. Since the idea behind the mod is to get more of a D*mble sound it's going to be a bit more bassy since that's a key characteristic of those amps. So if you lower the input cap, you should be able to reduce the bass entering the pedal. He used to gig exclusively with a Silverface Super and a Deluxe Reverb reissue but he's been using a Bugera V22 Infinium the past few years.I haven't tried your mods yet but I had him listen to the Anderton video of the Alpha Drive and he thought that had too much bass, too, hence my question to you.Do you have a good source for sockets? Yeah with the 1.5k resistor I believe you're allowing more harmonic content than the original value. It's just a bit difficult to do on such a delicate board. This gives a good amount of bass in the signal. Sure thing. hello, could you post a schematic? I replaced C1 and C2 with 22nF caps and C9 and C10 with 47nF caps. )I was thinking of adding the 1K5 resistor to my version 2 OCD pedal as well as the Danelectro Cool Cat Drive V1 clone since you explained how it brightens up the Joyo pedal a little bit. It shouldn't alter your sound in any negative way. Now I can toggle from mosfet/mosfet+Gediode to mosfet/mosfet and only 1 mosfet clipping. (I don't hear much over 8khz but the frequencies above 25khz can add a certain ambience. can only really find one ok setting, level on 3/4 , tone all the way down, gain on about one, and tone switch on bass.on these settings you can kind of get a marshall to vintage output sound which is nothing special. I need all my pedals be true bypass.

So when I re write the above with the HB schematic at the top it must be: C6 to 470pF, and R3/C2 to 4k7 and 100nF. The original gain knob added in a lot of noise because of the taper. The coupling capacitors in the signal path form high-pass filters where the impedance of the next stage is the resistance. It can be powered by a 9-volt battery or Boss-style power supply. In my last comment I refer to R9/R10. I decided to do a side by side demo, trying to match the sounds of each pedal, to see.You be the judge.Personally I find them almost spot on with certain setting, however.... while playing, the OCD has a bit more of an open feel to it, vs the Joyo which has a lot more gain on tap, not to mention a much darker tone control.

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