kotter and schlesinger resistance to change pdf

The basis of resistance to change is likely to be the perception that there some form of detrimental effect occasioned by the change in the organization. Lack of trust can result in a change that is actually beneficial to employees being met with resistance. 0000039371 00000 n

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This occurs due to strategiew problems and because incorrect or inadequate information is provided by the organization. It can overcome all types of resistance. Here is a quick recap of when of use each of the Six Change Approaches along with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

183 0 obj <> endobj They fear that they will be forced to change the way they work.

There is no time for delay.

Any agreement reached should be written down and formal so it can be referred to later. This is important because unless you are able to understand the root of peoples resistance you will not be able to select the right approach to overcome that resistance.

Potential resistors to change will be bought into the plan. 0000004038 00000 n They can’t understand the need for the change and they don’t believe that it will happen. 0000039031 00000 n

These are a desire not to lose something of value, a misunderstanding of the change and its implications, a belief that the change does not make sense for the organization, and a low tolerance for change. How to cite this article: Running Better Experiments Leonard A. 0000003139 00000 n As managers, it is easy to forget that there are multiple approaches available to us to overcome change as part of any change management initiative. 0000015659 00000 n

Familiarize yourself with the Change Curve, to understand what kind of support is needed at each stage of the curve. This is the best approach to use with fear and anxiety. Organizational change efforts often run into some form of human resistance. Use when someone stands to lose out from the change. xref They become frustrated and will frequently try to resist the change.

Essentially, it’s an easy to use checklist of the options available to us, along with guidance on when each approach works best.

This can be time-consuming.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'expertprogrammanagement_com-leader-3','ezslot_12',657,'0','0'])); To mitigate resistance to change you can support people through the change.

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0000067314 00000 n Can lead to problems, or intensify resistance, if people feel they are being manipulated. 0000016479 00000 n Some people may withdraw into themselves.

- Heraclitus, Greek philosopher What was true more than two thousand years ago is just as true today.

0000042082 00000 n By helping to design part of the change people will feel much more bought into it. The Six Change Approaches provides six strategies for overcoming resistance to change.

Copyright 2009-2018 Expert Program Management. Leonard A. Schlesinger. People resist change when they assess the situation differently from those initiating the change. Kotter & Schlesinger suggested the following Six Change Approaches as techniques to handle resistance to change. 0000039516 00000 n Use when people are resistant because of fear and anxiety. To mitigate resistance to change you can involve team members likely to resist the change to be involved in some aspect of designing the change. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Although experienced managers are generally all too aware of this fact, surprisingly few take time before an organizational change to assess systematically who might resist the change initiative and for what reasons.

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