make sentence with rake

Throughout history, low-heat fires have provided that rake. 4. The stands at the sports ground rake steeply. Gangsters, pumped up with adrenaline, rake bank interiors and nearby storefronts with tommy guns. : You'll still have to sweep or rake any leaves off the lawn, and keep drains and gullies clear.

6. While planting the new shrubs, the gardener had to rake … Aside from the usual babysitting gig, there are other ways to rake in the bucks you need to buy a new computer. , To improve curb appeal, the housewife hired a teenager to rake up all the leaves and debris in the yard. This is generally done with a thatcher's, Beetroots and carrots can be given the cloche treatment, too, and if you have space in a cold frame scatter carrot seed on the surface, lightly, Bob Lutz, GM's vice chairman, insisted the roof be lowered one inch, the wind-shield and backlight be given more, Jason taught me the difference between a V-ripper and a subsoiler, explained the elegance of a circular hay, These are hot times for flashlights as consumers ditch their outdated models for newer ones, presenting an excellent opportunity for retailers like you to, Turning hay, when needed, originally was done by hand with a fork or, The water seeping from the surrounding moorland, The first is via Foxes Tarn to the East of Scafell summit, and the second is via Lord's, The classic ascent via Lord's Rake path from Wastwater follows the main Scafell Pike footpath to Hollow Stones, then up to Lord's, During a CBI Scotland event attended by Cameron, businessman Mike, In addition, concerns were raised by Sir Mike, Bennett, of Condron Road, Litherland and Hutchins, of Muttocks, The block that was bridged across the head of Lord's, Built for length on deck, there was no necessity for shortening up the water-line, and her sternpost had no very great, After 1854 it was taken on deck from stem-head to sternpost, and certain deductions made for, As it chanced, however, seeing out of only one eye, he backed upon the handle of a hay, No light gleams from a friendly window, only the shadowy form of a hay, He yelled, jumping into the air and waving his hay. 5. During the fall, we must rake all the leaves and acorns from the oak tree into big piles for disposal. CK 1 1092513 Tom wanted to help Mary rake the leaves, but she was using the only rake.CK 1 2958836 You'll find a rake in the shed. Rake out the cinders before you start a new fire. The Fellows use draft horses to spread manure, Dig in some compost or well-rotted horse manure and, Females cause significant tree damage when they, Its forks were shorter than a usual chopper, but had a greater angle of, The Wild Irish boy assumes the role of a roistering English, Scratch up the surface of any bare patches in the lawn using a garden fork or metal, When he is not exchanging repartee directly with his beloved, Tom affects the cynicism of a full-blown Restoration, To do this, cut 6 inches off the first shingle of the second course at the, His brother, after living the dissolute life of a, Other characters include Hellena, Florinda's sister, and Willmore, a young, What I said was that as far as I was concerned I was not going to, The people in the stands are happy, the athletes win fat contracts, and the owners, You've got to have a lot of time to put into investing in stocks in order to do it right and, The companies then do the expensive but scientifically easy trials and, Soon she will realise that no matter how much the old boy eats he stays thin as a, Katy ducked behind John, then peered around him to see an old man with yellowing eyes and white hair, with a bent back and thin as a, The beautiful occupants of the room looked up at Amy and I, and I felt their astonished eyes, Now entirely awake, Asa grabbed a comb off the desk and began to, Nowadays, women think that they cannot so much as, Occasionally she needs to touch up the rake with a little extra glue, but that's less expensive than purchasing a new, To prepare a surface for planting, use a flat-head, With a fine-toothed hacksaw, cut off as many tines as needed for the, However, I did read somewhere that you can rip up the dead grass, with a metal, Mix a 2-to 3-inch layer of organic mulch into the soil, then level the planting area with a, They could well afford it, given the umpteen millions they, If you have an acid soil, a good way to rectify the situation is to, He placed his bag down on the dark ground and began to, I mean for a professional cricketer to slide his foot way back in line with his stumps and then, On the wall behind the three people there is a hayfork and, He was very tall, about six foot two, and as thin as a, But it comes away pretty easily if you go at them with a sturdy, The next 10 times after that, the sheer repetition made it funny again, like the famous Simpsons, You can even bring your husband or boyfriend to caddy for you, provided you still have an Eastern Star caddy on the team to carry the bag and, Well, in presidential politics, candidates are starting to, They dress in clothing from the flophouse lost-and-found and are groomed with a hacksaw and gravel, I must keep her sweet so that she doesn't, Garret fought the urge to squirm as he felt her eyes, She worked slowly and carefully at first, then picked up speed, using her claws to, I climbed around under the tree, dragging the, Work in small sections, and then remove the debris with a, John Wilkes writes brilliantly in defence of press freedom to report on Parliament, only to be discredited by a dirty poem written as a young, Again the men were coerced under once more, and made to endure yet another, Verbal paraphasia is the substitution of a word with a related meaning, such as, A stiff lawn rake can also work if the thatch layer is one-half to one inch thick. The rake angle can be positive or negative. Vigour of reasoning and originality of view were not his characteristics as a writer; nor will the student who has raked these dust-heaps of miscellaneous learning and oldfashioned mysticism discover more than a few sentences of genuine enthusiasm and simple-hearted aspiration to repay his trouble and reward his patience. She he sharptoothed 241041 I heard you're raking in the money. 2.

, While planting the new shrubs, the gardener had to rake the mulch back into the beds. English words and Examples of Usage use "rake" in a sentence By that year, the talent center is having its audition for Star Circle Batch 12. We tend to use the same few tools spade, fork. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], If someone opened a burger bar[wwwSentencedictcom] they'd really, More info here: http:///Everything-Attachments-Landscape-Rake-Root-Rake-p/ Ted and Peanut are in the field after th, Terms are used to break down the various areas of a roof and a "rake" is one of many roof sections. Make sentence with the word :- 1.

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