my reflection on teaching practice

The evaluation section gives the opportunity for the practitioner to discuss what went well and analyse practice. Kolb's cycle follows four stages.

(Reflecting In Action’) This may not have been the best idea, but on reflection I would probably still do the same. He was a 2009–2010 Washington Post Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher who decided to retire in June 2012 after 17 years of teaching Secondary social studies.

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Combining all of these together, along with a knowledge of the students one teaches and a commitment to their learning, one quality expected of an NBCT is reflection—evaluating what has worked and what has not, using the information from formal and informal assessment. This could be a whole task or something specific about a task. Reviewing (understanding your current teaching methods) We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

When you become more aware of your students’ preferences and strengths, learning becomes more tailored to their needs and so they are more curious and are equipped to explore more deeply. Menu Skip to content. The reflective process encourages you to work with others as you can share best practice and draw on others for support. What about you?

0000167724 00000 n What will the students be doing differently to make sure they make progress? I spent my first week observing lessons in different classes and giving occasional lessons... Free “Use the students” he said, “they probably know more than us”.

By reflecting, you create an environment which centres on the learner. 0000004361 00000 n What worked well and how do I know this? trailer Observing your colleagues can also provide new ideas and approaches which you can try in your own practice. Lorraine was referred from her local GP, due to post menopause bleeding, which was... LEARNING

Why? That is why NBCTs question, why they try new things.

B.WHILES Once you have redelivered the lesson, consider how engaged the students were. Reflective practice develops your ability to understand how your students learn and the best ways to teach them. View all posts by David L Page, […] develop one’s own reflective and reflexive practice.

By assessing the strengths and weaknesses in your own teaching, you will develop an awareness of the factors that control and prevent learning.

Teaching in the Classroom - A Summary of My Teaching Practice with Reflections on Becoming an Intentional Teacher My ten weeks of teaching practice was a period of tremendous growth for me both personally and as an educator.

What did not work? introduction The connection between theoretical studies and teaching practice is very important in teacher training.

Reflection involves questions. In the lesson I try to give them positive feedback when they are doing well and provide them with areas of development. Premium Creative Practice, Learning & Leadership, Research Studies, Community Projects....

Essay, 2 pages.

My mentor and I spoke after that lesson. It is in this stage that the practitioner refers to any relevant literature or research to help make sense of the experience. Essay, 3 pages. Don’t waste Your Time Searching For a Sample, Get Your Job Done By a Professional Skilled Writer. What documents will you use to record your reflections? Premium Consider what the students really understood and enjoyed about the lesson, and why. I can reduce the amount in my lesson plan but have an activity if the lesson finishes early. Evaluation What did not work as planned? This is a necessary reflective practice of a teacher who is serving the needs of the students. Why or why not? Do the students fully understand my instructions? Also it will provide methodologies that can be used to have a good teaching environment in the classroom. xref Assignment on Personal Teaching Methodology

(Plato and Aristotle, 2005) both defined ‘good’ as performing to the best of your ability and that being moral and reflective were stages of ethical development to reach a Socratic intellectualism which is “One will do what is right or best just as soon as one truly understands what is right or best” (Socrates,2011) and to understand we must keep reflecting, as the situation is ever changing. Reflection-on-action should encourage ideas on what you need to change for the future. Schön (1991) distinguishes between reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action. That will require them to reflect, to be honest in their self-examination.

Kenneth Bernstein is nationally known for his writing about education, both online and in print, as @teacherken and under his own name. 0000007232 00000 n

Premium It is all too easy to give the student the work and hope that they complete it. • What did I learn from this experience that will help me in future lessons? However, he goes on to say “Reflective imitation demands, on the contrary, a willingness to do as the studio master is doing and, at the same time reflect on what one does.” Therefore, by observing and imitating we take on the role of our mentor/teacher and at the same time our reflective practice allows us the freedom to explore our own avenues of teaching and the ability to adapt, improve and develop what doesn’t work for us and, what we believe we could do better.

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