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SNA Terrorists signed up for deployment en masse, lured by promises of salaries around $2000 a month, exponentially more than the ~$100 such fighters would receive in Syria. The Armenian official reaction initially was low-key, articulated by officials such as advisor to the Foreign Minister.

Days after the July conflagration on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border the Russian TASS agency said that unnamed officials from both Turkey and Azerbaijan were transferring Turkish, Syrian and Pakistani Terrorists to the conflict zone by Ankara. Nor Azerbaijan–Turkey–Pakistan trilateral neither Azerbaijan–Pakistan bilateral defence partnership is among the key topics discussed in Armenia. The country’s envoy Ali Alizada, in a press conference, condemned the Armenian military’s aggression and attacks against Azerbaijan. Some SNA Terrorists in Libya were less conflicted about supporting what they consider to be an enemy force. The GNA made a push for the strategic city of Sirte immediately after and were repelled by LNA forces. “I understand if you want to go to Azerbaijan, and it’s not a problem. Initially, the Islamist Radical Terrorists’ expectations of their Libyan deployment were met. Turkey has sent armed Islamist Radical Terrorists from northern Syria and Libya to Azerbaijan to participate in war against Armenia. We covered about this in details in our previous article Haftar blames Turkey for helping rivals GNA invade Gharyan city: Orders forces to attack Turkish ships and bans flights to Turkey.

People from poor countries were just lured by cheesy words of Erdogan that it is a religious fight and will get them 72 virgins in the heaven. Abdullah managed to get his phone back in order to communicate with his young family, but he does not know now if he will see them again. It’s unclear whether reports of hellish conditions from their SNA brethren in Azerbaijan will deter more from agreeing to join the fight there. In recent years Pakistan has intensified its strategic partnership with both Turkey and Azerbaijan. Turkey should learn to respect the sovereignty of other nations and reflect on its policies more deeply". Islamabad being backed by its two partners tried to consolidate its position on Kashmar while Baku does the same over Artsakh. The ambassador also justified Azerbaijan’s counter-offensive operations against Armenian attacks saying that they were carried out within internationally recognised territories of Azerbaijan and in compliance with Article 51 of the UN Charter (right of self-defence). Most of us will go on to Azerbaijan.”. We got in touch with the family of one such Pakistan Terrorist. Please check your email for further instructions. The men lounged in plush villas in and around Tripoli that had been abandoned by civilians fleeing the fighting. Tehran is keeping a close watch on the conflict with concern, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh. Evidence provided from various sources became increasingly substantial, so the Armenian officials abandoned their previously cautious attitude. Islamabad's close ties with Azerbaijan and Turkey have a substantial role in this decision. The Armenian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s statement on the “Azerbaijani aggression against Artsakh” issued on 28 September, among other things said that “according to credible sources, Turkey is recruiting and transporting foreign terrorist fighters to Azerbaijan.”, The official standpoint was also reflected by the Armenian ambassador to Russia, Vardan Toghanyan, who according to Ria Novosti said that “recently around 4,000 Islamist Radical Terrorists were transferred by Turkey to Azerbaijan,” adding that “they were trained in special military camps.”. Pakistan has an embassy in Ankara, a Consulate-General in Istanbul and an honorary consulate in Izmir whereas, Turkey has an embassy in Islamabad, a Consulate-General in Karachi and honorary consulates in Lahore, Peshawar, Sialkot and Faisalabad. The source also provided their specific Islamist Radical Terrorists group affiliations with respective number of casualties and specified some islamists’ names. Abdullah is one of hundreds of untrained Syrian civilians, whose ages range from 17 to 30, who have been dispatched since last Wednesday, with the knowledge of the Turkish army and its ally in the Syrian north, the opposition National Army, to fight alongside the Azeri forces. Abdullah stopped writing for a while and no longer answered my questions.

Both Armenia and India have a mutual concern about the growing partnership between Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Pakistan. But the Shias are our enemies more than the Christians are Jews.”. The paper, based on the evidence provided by the journalists in her Twitter account said that more Islamist Radical Terrorists were expected the following days and the majority of them came from Syria, however some 70 of them were coming from Libya. Of the dozens of Syrian Islamist Radical Terrorists our source was able to communicate with in Libya, all said that they were told to expect little combat. Then a shell fell next to us, killing four Syrians and wounding three others. Turkey Tricked Terrorists from Syria, Libya, Pakistan and Azerbaijan to fight its war. For months before this, rumors that Turkey would be sending militants to Azerbaijans had been swirling among the SNA. Maybe that’s why they want to send the ones who were already in Libya for a long time. Syrian Terrorists in Libya have had little to do.

When it came Sunday 27 September, Abdullah’s dreams of earning money and improving livelihoods were dashed when news of the outbreak of war between the Azeris and Armenians arrived. Turkey has tricked Terrorists from Syria, Libya, Pakistan and Azerbaijan to fight its war in Armenia. Circulation of reports on the presence of pro-Turkish Islamist Radical Terrorists in Azerbaijan became much more intense after unleashing full-scale military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh after 27 September. They just sent 450 to Misrata from Syria to replace the ones who have been here for a long time. He told me: “They loaded us into troop carriers, we were wearing Azeri uniforms, and each of us was armed with a single weapon (Kalashnikov) … Most of the people here are poor civilians who wanted money and were not soldiers. Please check your entries and try again. Soon he was moved to Azerbaijan.

The Armenian government accused Turkey of deploying four thousand Syrian fighters in Azerbaijan, but the Azerbaijani authorities deny these allegations. Since then, for the most part, fighting in Libya has stalled. On 1 September the Russian Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper referring to “certain Telegram channels” reported on the presence of ca. Turkey and Pakistan are sending Terrorists to Azerbaijan to fight against Armenia.

Then we get here and it’s fighting, right away, it’s fighting. On 24 September the Firat news agency once again reported on a transfer of some 300 Terrorists to Azerbaijan by Turkey, citing a report by the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights organization. SNA factions are exclusively Sunni and adhere to an extremist interpretation of Islam. We covered this in details also in our previous article Turkey And Pakistan Sending Terrorists to Azerbaijan to Fight Armenia

“The responsibility for the escalation of the situation on the front line lies directly with the Armenian military-political leadership. It’s constant bombardment.”, This isn’t the first time Turkey has sent their Syrian Islamist Radical Terrorists into foreign conflicts. “South Caucasus will never have peace and security until Armenia liberates the occupied lands,” he said.

Fighters belonging to Al-Hamza squadron arrived in the capital, Baku, via turkey on 22-September 2020 and thereafter. Local sources in northern Syria told BBC Arabic that a number of families began receiving news of the death of their relatives there. The envoy urged the world community to adopt a principled stand and condemn Armenia’s aggressive actions. Human Rights organization Afrin on 27 September claimed that the total number of the pro-Turkish Islamist Radical Terrorists transferred to Azerbaijan was 4,000 and 80 of them had been killed in action against the Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh. The fact that Pakistan is the only state which does not recognize Armenia as an independent state definitely creates enmity towards Pakistan.

They told their friends in Syria it was an easy time and encouraged them to come, too. “I swear, we’ll steel the cloth off the Kaaba [the holiest site in Islam]. Greek City Times was another source, that citing a renowned journalist Lindsay Snell, said that new groups of Islamist Radical Terrorists from the infamous Hamza Division were being transferred to Azerbaijan.

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