pirate ship names list

The Seal’s Fin – which has no sails above water, making it harder to spot than most vessels. ", ", But from the 1650’s to the 1730’s, a rowdy crew of pirates held sway over the seven seas: they plundered, they captured ships, they drank a lot of rum. A sailing ship with from three to five masts, all of them square-rigged except the after mast, which is fore-and-aft rigged; a small vessel that is propelled by oars or sails. "Gelionexxitrus - A beholder that lives below deck on a fleshy, living, aberration boat. He is an amicable enough sort, willing to spare those who surrender, though he has a habit of killing any he suspects of holding magical artifacts. "Ta' Garge Barge - A ship that was meant to be a way to send off a metropolis' waste, but was quickly transformed into a pirate vessel by a hoarder with a lust for power as soon as it crossed the horizon. Clever boat names for white-collar criminals, Boat name ideas for the recently divorced, Subscribe to the Coconut Telegraph newsletter and we will - occasionally - send you some boat humor as well as tips on boat maintenance. is known to send out small vessels to trade with mainlanders. Costs 5x as much GP to buy compared to a normal warship. She is a living being, some say the avatar of a sea god, and those who live upon her dedicate their lives to teaching the crafts of ship building and weather control.

She is 160 meters long with a steel hull and is armed with twin 10-inch guns facing front and two independent 7.5-inch guns facing rear.

The captain is Itzaas the Moran, a large man with many tattoos and a prominent brand on his chest and neck; he is a slave just like his crew. Rumors abound about this ship’s disciplinary cannibalism practices.

Toghe Drummond, a half-elven explorer, is the owner and captain of the ship, and he and his wife and children live on the boat. Rumors abound about this ship's disciplinary cannibalism practices. ",

Captained by Cadwallader Farer, a trim man in a blue greatcoat, and by Oliver Shan, his large, peg-legged First Mate, the Seafarer and its crew are just what you would expect from such a boat; in fact, almost too much so. It’s known for sinking three times prior, being maneuverable as a brick and once turning a famous ship to a cloud of unsalvageable splinters. ", "Captain Merriatt, Elven pirate of the Azure Sea - He hunts at night, catching ships completely off guard on moonless nights. ", The deck holds 6 cannons on rails that would rotate around to the proper side of the ship. The captain, an elf named Rytial Harkenouten, made a desperate deal with a Kraken decades ago. “The coolest stuff to have on board in 2020”.

The Floating Pizzeria – the work of Chef Gaston’s life, this ship houses a 20-man crew, and a big kitchen. It has flukes deep into the water that manipulate the currents to propel it. But his crew is outstanding. ", "The Dread Burg - A large battleship, built entirely out of ice and crewed by Frost Giants and their thralls. Bill rules with an iron fist but he is always fair and so his crew has much respect for him. ", Somehow despite the obvious cultural divide, Cap'n Grace Hayashi has united and forged them into a murderously effective crew. The only flag the Fortune flies depicts a Kobold making a rude hand gesture. Xanathar – A reconnaissance submarine of about 150 ft long.

"Deephost Margot - An aspiring pirate-queen who sought power through symbiosis with a creature of the lightless depths. Ban Sidhe – Six-masted passenger schooner. ", ", ", ", The Golden Age of Piracy will always capture the imagination of the boating community. It is known as a party ship, and is definitely not known to be the most lucrative smuggling vessel on the sea. An impressive climber and prefers small sharp daggers. He is known as a man killer even though he tries to be very kind.

The Indomitable – A large ship, made of ebonized woods that is deceptively fast for its size; captained by the murderous Dread Pirate Jazeera, who, in ironic turn of events, has turned to a life of piracy and bloodshed in response to her father being press-ganged into the service of another pirate when she was still young. His ship is the fastest in the world, but every year he must return to the temple where the accord was struck and cut off one finger. Despite his aged appearance and apparent senility, Ragnar is a capable fighter when the chips are down; doubly so if his chicken is threatened. ", (1900-1910 timeframe), Cutter – This steam-powered icebreaker has a grand history of arctic expeditions. The Ruffled Pigeon – a hardy merchantman, the Pigeon has been reported sunk by storm, pirate attack, or swamping over two dozen times, but has returned home every time. Hosts a large crew of servers, bartenders, and cooks, and a fine crew. The Prize is a prize ship, crewed by actors who will put up token resistance, but will break character if any real damage is threatened. The Queen Anne’s Revenge is one of the most famous pirate ship names of all time. ", ", The ships boat is called A Pinch of Spice. (1860-1870 timeframe), Fortune Favors Ko-Bold – This swift monitor-style warship was commissioned for a company of Kobold privateers. A calm emotion spell is constantly in effect on the ship and in a circle around it. The Winged Gourmet – an incredibly fast light cargo ship (of exotic woods and, if available in world, plated with a very thin metal (cooper historically, mythril if available) underneath to prevent barnacles) specialising in transport of small quantities of perishable and fine foodstuffs. The Ark – a big, bulky ship. "Arianis - A mad fey satyr looking for the best partiers on the material plane. The Black Opal – A frigate constructed from a rare wood that gleams like an Opal. Some are funny, some are famous from history, other famous from works of fiction and the movies – but all of them have one thing in common; they are badass and awesome! We thank you for for spending some time on our historical pirate ship names page. "Deathskull the Man Killer - This pirates real name is Phill, he's a kind man who has bad luck all around him. Did we forget any of the best pirate ships? "Hunger - a sleek corvette. "The Blue Marlin - A medium sized vessel with bright blue sails. "Brinetusk - Orc captain of the Crackin'. Category:Pirate ships - Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki - The Unofficial Pirates of the Caribbean Encyclopedia It weighed … "Teth-Makina - A githyanki pirate slumming it in the Prime Material, stealing gold on the open ocean rather than godflesh on the Astral Sea for a change of pace. She is charming, but demands respect- and her crew love her as much as they fear her. But what of their pirate ships? An engineer and wicked necromancer, she built a terrible device capable of dropping shells charged with the mortal souls of those she takes captive, unleashing devastating blasts below while her ornithopters swoop down to take captives up to her deck, replacing her enslaved crew or becoming fodder for her weapon. "The Nemesis - an armored frigate with an ironclad hull. And now a smaller selection of good pirate boat names that are a bit more funny than the ones I’ve already suggested. "The Airboat - a rather small ship without a sail, that has two giant airbags on the sides. She is also equipped with a 3-man submarine, capable of diving to 10,000 ft. (1900-1910 timeframe). "First of Infinite - This famous pirate vessel is partially crewed by seagoing minotaur and partially by mixed humanoids. Flies a long, dark grey pennant. If they see anything questionable, they capture and torture the suspects, and then decide on a sentence, that sometimes include imprisonment in the ship's large prison. Apparently the dissolution of Friends of the Queen Anne’s Revenge is related to a lawsuit that was leveled against them by Nautilus Productions. function RndMsg() { No official word on whether anyone has yet found Blackbeard’s lost gold treasure…. The sails are striped gold and purple, atop of which flies her dreaded black flag depicting a white skull with a crown of snakes. Apart from uncountable cannons on deck, hidden in the bow of the ship, is a 46 cm canon, that is rumored to split mountains. He loves that the passengers can’t even tell, and if confronted, will act coy for a little, than gleefully confess and expect to be lauded for his mighty achievement. ", (1900-1910 timeframe), The Rot – This armed steamer is known for the horrid stench of its smoke. var randomStrings = [ "Vesper Regalia - Repurposed corvette bought as naval surplus fourteen years ago. "The Ruffled Pigeon - a hardy merchantman, the Pigeon has been reported sunk by storm, pirate attack, or swamping over two dozen times, but has returned home every time. ", It is made with a two-part hull, with a metal-filled slip between two wooden hulls. K.G.S. A light boat carried at the stern of a larger sailing ship. "The Dead Pirate Roberts - A skeleton that resides in the captain's quarters of a pirate ship called the Death Jester. Light and square-rigged with extra-tall masts of ironwood, she's capable of scrambling aboard her own bow wave and practically sprinting downwind. "The Miss Fortune - A pirate brig, well armed and swift, it seems cursed.

", There is a trapdoor in the floor of the catamaran that leads to an impossibly large (for the boat) cabin, the size of a modest 5-room house. Auf Grund einer falschen Überlieferung seines Namens ist er auch bekannt als Edward „Blackbeard“ Teach. "Swift Vengeance - Captained by Tabitha the Butcher, this mighty pirate vessel commands fear and respect all throughout Tohs Abyss from Nightgarm Freehold in the north to beyond the Wall, a thousand leagues to the south. Now a young man, he has a complicated relationship with piracy and the captain he serves under. Capable of reaching 25 knots, The Ranger is swift enough maintain speed with any merchant ship. "Captain Bismuth Von Hart - a green tiefling swashbuckler in search of a way to remove the curse he has obtained. Much like the original pirates, various agencies are currently attempting to profit from the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

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