scope of social work intervention

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The philosophy that shared personal experience is a valuable and essential resource in achieving change is in direct contradiction to the ethos in the organisations in which most of social work is practised.

�OX Social work operates in an environment of competing professions and there has been a longstanding difficulty in defining and expressing its unique contribution and expertise.

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assisting people either directly or through access to other forms of support, to reach a level where they can participate more fully and independently and access support from mainstream services, voluntary and community organisations, providing directly, or through access to other resources, support that enables people with complex needs and communication difficulties to participate in making decisions about their lives and the way they live, safeguarding the interests of people who are unable either temporarily, or in the medium or long term to be involved in participating in making decisions about their lives, intensive therapeutic work with children and adults who have had traumatic experiences. xref

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by private sector providers commissioned by statutory authorities or their proxies or privately purchased by individuals, families, groups or communities. The workers may or may not be social work trained. 0000001085 00000 n

work to create a team whose membership is determined by the agreed preferred outcome. 0000020657 00000 n A consequence of this ambivalence is that a failure of an individual or a social work organisation is taken as a failure of social work itself. This paper starts with the assumption that social work takes a holistic view of a person's life and situation whether this is in assessment of need, in direct work with them, or through accessing support from social care staff, other organisations, professionals and other workers in related fields. 0000001222 00000 n 384 0 obj <> endobj In recent years there has been a growing number of groups and organisations run by people using services. Specialist areas of practice will emerge because existing knowledge and skills have to be transferred and built on for the social worker to function effectively in a specific set of circumstances.

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We also use non-essential cookies to help us improve our websites. 0 0 of social work practice to choose. 0000002221 00000 n The generic expertise and skills are those required for setting up, running and ending groups, understanding and using group dynamics.

There should always be room of innovative career paths which, although at the time may seem an idiosyncratic pattern, can indicate future trends. 0000003209 00000 n

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Chapter 4757-21 Scope of Practice for Social Workers.


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100 0 obj <> endobj xref This aspect of social work intervention should be given the status of an intervention rather than as an adjunct to direct work with people using services. The key characteristics of social work are: We have assumed that there is a generic base for social work and that this means that newly qualified workers 'enter the social work world with the core knowledge and skills necessary to begin professional practice across the required range of settings' (Williams, 2004). 0000012247 00000 n startxref 0000005931 00000 n It has a sound and consolidating knowledge base that can be deployed, and contributes in a growing variety of organisational and informal contexts.

These already exist in child protection and mental health for example. 0000018350 00000 n /� �����s��pk��A�9|�lU�^,Y������0��|�

An example is Cicely Saunders' career path that led to the establishment of the Hospice movement. 0000000913 00000 n systems and process that offer professional support to workers whose main work is outside social care. The Framework for Social Work Education in Scotland emphasises: The significance of interrelationships with other social services, especially education, housing, health, criminal justice, income maintenance, and other services provided by partners (p32). Group work and communal living arrangements are likely to involve individual or family casework or therapy where a personalised programme is combined with other sources of support.

(A) As prescribed in division (C) of section 4757.26 of the Revised Code the board adopts the following scope of practice for a registered social work assistant.

The limitations placed on the range of interventions will depend on: Social work is a demanding professional discipline based on a body of values, knowledge, skills and personal attributes, and requiring a commitment by the social worker to continuing professional and personal development. uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. Many of these groups take place outwith social work departments in the voluntary and community sector, in hospitals, in youth work or the health service. For example work with older people needs a greater understanding of sensory impairment since incidence increases dramatically in people over 75 years. At times this is part of assessing the need for specialist expertise, at other times it is part of journeying (Care Journeys) with the person using services. Similarly, the expertise of the 25% of staff with responsibilities for caring for an adult family member is not seen as a resource for the organisation, but often an impediment to its operation (Balloch, McLean and Fisher, 1999). Traditionally residential care has been thought of as 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, but in supported living support can range from intensive to minimal. The stage at which these specialist areas of practice are introduced is debatable. 0000001686 00000 n [�4n�����}����A~x*�p�E�r"��R�O��6D�

In looking to the future we have also used the term to cover the use of social work knowledge and skills when using any of these methods of intervening: 1. within a social care organisation to facilitate the provision of services and practice consistent with the Codes of Practice and with standards of service and practice 2. to promote the social inclusion and life opportunities of people using services 3. between organisations, where the objective is to promote partnerships that are required on a short, medium or longer term basis to provide integrated services, or to personalise a particular package of support e.g. In common with other disciplines such as psychology and nursing, social work in the 21 st century is likely to take a variety of forms and develop new kinds of specialism. In order to assist you in choosing what area of social work to explore as a field placement, we have identified several social work fields of x�bbf`b``Ń3� ����#3> �� Exceptions to this position is where social control exercised, a move from seeing a team as a group of professionals geographically located to membership being determined by whoever is needed to accomplish the task. increasing life skills or changing behaviour to increase life options, promoting independence and inter-dependence, working with conflicts of interest or in relationships, stabilising or slowing down deterioration and loss of independence, coping with changed life situations and transitions, learning new skills, for example in parenting or as a family carer, balancing expectations, needs and responsibilities that involve ethical and moral dilemmas. 0000002718 00000 n !8�9q":"�4�sSȃ�Ia:f���. the capacity, in circumstances that are often difficult: to engage quickly with people to establish trust, to persist in efforts to engage even when this has proved difficult and others have given up, consciously to move into situations that would be avoided by most people because they are complex and high risk, the relationship established between the social worker and the service users involved is integral to achieving quality, the capacity to manage situations where risks are very finely balanced so that 'you are damned if you do and damned if you don't', direct practice, of various types and techniques, of practice, including work based learning for students and staff, of service provision and development, including commissioning, policy and strategic developments within the organisation or the field, working within a range of organisations to contribute to promoting policies and practice that support social and personal well-being, releasing potential that has been blocked by past experiences, problem solving where there are current relationship or parenting difficulties, devising the service user's/s' preferred way of coping with intractable problems or difficulties, promoting self esteem and confidence to adopt different approaches to existing problems, surviving living with high risks or uncertainty, learning new approaches to existing, new or emerging difficulties, accessing and using information, new skills and knowledge.

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