scottish power complaints

I left scottish power but then decided to stay with them. I consented to having a smart meter and in January 2020 Scottish Power sent a contractor to my house to install. We have created this group as a place where we can share our complaints and resolutions or tips others have discovered while dealing with the appalling company who go by the name of ScottishPower! Our contact centres are open Monday to Friday 8.30am until 7pm and 8.30am until 1pm on a Saturday. Despite complaining to Scottish power… Despite complaining to Scottish power for the last 2 years about the fact I couldn't read my meter and that they havnt sent anyone from the company to read it I had to continue to pay estimated Bill's. Your dedicated complaint handler will aim to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. At ScottishPower we aim to give our gas and electricity customers the best possible service. Telling me not to worry instead of fixing the problem is unacceptable. I am so pissed of they keep transferring me to “customer service” to then get told I was talking to customer service so I don’t know why they needed to transfer me to the same department I was talking with. For more detailed information on how we will handle your complaint, download our complaints procedure. Stay well clear! Does this make any sense to anyone?

What do you mean by 'fully resolved'? The Customer Service department helped sort out the switchover snag from my previous supplier.

They were contacted. I have been in contact with Scottish Power because my smart meter won't top up, I have been phoning since yesterday because I have no power all my food in the bin have been promised 3 times that an engineer will be out since yesterday still no one came, I am supposed to be priority but yet been left for 2 days with no electricity or food, never get a smart meter, they had to take out the smart gas meter because it was eating my money no problem but not giving me gas, worst ever and not very smart, been told I can't speak to anyone because apparently they don't have supervisors or managers according to the last person I just spoke to. I'm on the priority register and you are still threatening me with debt collection agencies. Why has my direct debits doubled without me being informed, Plumbing, But if something's gone wrong, we always investigate, and … | Reported a dangerous situation on 17th Sept, 264ohm when should be less than 0.8reported again on 30th October - electrician implores it is dangerous. They then raised an in-house complaint for me. I subsequently complained to the contracting company but my complaint was ignored. I can’t trust Scottish Power to come into my house. If you need to get in touch with us about your complaint at any stage of our complaints process the fastest way to do so is to chat to us. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I recently moved house an inherited a pay meter for gas and electric from Scottish Power with significant debt on. This isn’t even feasible as we had a pay as you go meter.

Cancer Research UK, Energy your meter readings, View We have contacted Ofgem and before we go to the Ombudsman we need to present the issues to you for resolution these are namely-, a) Exchange the meter with one that actually works properly, b) Agree a sensible consumption figure based on our previous years consumption of electricity and. Lo and behold they took the full amount on 13th and emptied my account. We aim to respond within 1-2 days. Community.

© 2020 Trustpilot A/S. So I emailed them again and this morning I received an email from them telling me not to worry only one payment will be taken. I called them two months a go to ask what my actual spending were, to which they replied £158 on average for the past twelve months. When the engineer fitted the meters he verified the final readings and as far as we can recall they were on or very close to the meter readings we had submitted/or were estimated by yourselves. Rude woman told us someone was on their way.

Whitelee windfarm, View Have just joined Scottish power,all went well with the switching process, now hopefully shall see some saving on my energy Bill's. Now I am receiving emails and phone calls threatening legal action. As with all energy suppliers, Scottish Power's quarterly complaints figures have fluctuated over the years, though their most recent peak of 3,581 came back in Q1 2018. Yes, I know it defeats the purpose of 'smart' meters but poor signal is a known issue with smart meters and manually reading IS the only solution to it.

Problems with gas so no hot water or heating. The Smart Meter installation was very straightforward and went smoothly, despite having to observe Covid precautions. Cancer Research UK, Energy

At ScottishPower we aim to give our gas and electricity customers the best possible service. This dose not reflect my very low use of energy. I would if it worked!Please avoid at all costs. Community. They wouldn't even have edited your post if I hadn't reported as 'inappropriate content' the personal info you advertised to the entire world ... As far as your complaint goes - I suspect the root cause is a mobile signal issue in your area. If you'd prefer you can contact us  about your complaint via email too.

Small Business Covid prevented the installation of my Smart Meter initially, until engineers were able to work in customers homes again.

If you need to get in touch with us about your complaint at any stage of our complaints process the fastest way to do so is to chat to us. Whilst away my wife received a call and during the conversation it was stated that our remote readings were very erratic e.g. this  service is a disgrace i will be changing supplier trying to contact this hellish provider is hopeless  i was wanting to renew my contract but will look elsewhere  will be making complaint to regulator as you should be fined for such a poor poor service. Click the button below which is best suited to the reason for your contact: If you’d rather speak to someone, you can call us on 0800 074 1985.

Stage one Finally, I got an appointment yesterday for an engineer to come between 8am and 12pm. 3 hours later and still nobody has turned up. I had high hopes of Chris sorting my payment problems with Scottish Power but this has not been the case so this is my second review. But if something's gone wrong, we always investigate, and … Click on the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page to check if someone is available. I signed up for dual fuel, direct debit and now I am paying direct debit for electricity and pay as you go for gas. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Last 4 quarters Still took higher amount. One of the fastest ways to get in touch with us about your issue is to chat with us. After trying since June2020 to sort out a billing problem I am still no further forward. Click on the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page to check if someone is available. @stephencbroomhe And that right there, is probably the sum total of input Scottish Power are going to have on anything posted in this forum.

You can also get in touch by emailing us using our online forms. This company needs shutting down - FAST. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I am disappointed with Scottish Power… I am disappointed with Scottish Power following my repeated requests for a second generation smart meter, having rejoined. | To have reached this stage you will have already told us about your issue and have a complaint with us. You can view our performance in handling complaints over the last 4 quarters and the overall performance for the last year. 1 unit of electricity one day and the following day 46 units - surely this should have raised alarm bells with your company. the community, Enter I’m 75 my guest 66. Joined SP in March 2016 for duel fuel.Feb 2018 I receive letter from SP TO SAY THEY ARE SORRY I AM LEAVING,I had not said any such thing,SP SAID TO IGNORE IT,ITS THEIR MISTAKE,Oct 2019 online app goes down,I phone SP THEY APOLOGISE,Jamie customer service tells me I cancelled my electric with them about a year ago,I firmly denied this and told him I was on a dual fuel tariff, he apologised,and said he would sort it out,I never heard from him again.Dec 2020 since Jamie,I spoke to another two customer service staff,they didn’t get back to me either,then SP SENT SOMEONE TO READ MY METERS,FEB 2020,SP SENT ME A TEXT TO SAY THEY WERE SORRYI WAS LEAVING,I phonedSP THEY SAID NOT TO WORRY ITS THEIR MISTAKE,MAY 2020,I phoned SP TO MAKE SURE I WAS WITH THEM FOR DUAL FUEL THEY SAID I WAS AND WAS IN CREDIT WITH THEM AND MY DIRECT DEBIT PAYMENTS ARE ADEQUATE,OCTOBER 2020,I receive a phone call from Sarah,customer service,she tells me I owe £708.32 to SP for underpaid electricity,I told her I DISPUTED THE DEBT,and want a full breakdown of how this disputed debt had accumulated,she promised to look into it and get back to me SHE DIDNT,20 October 2020 SAPTAK from SP customer services called me,I went through it all again with him and HE DIDNT GET BACK TO day 21 Oct 2020,ANNA,CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACTED ME,I WENT ALL THROUGH IT AGAIN,AND ANNA DIDNT GET BACK TO ME EITHER,THIS HAS GONE ON SINCE JAN 2020,I was diagnosed with lung cancer in jan 2020 I have had to fight cancer,COVID,I am 75yrs old and I told all of SP customer service people my medical problems and they still put me through all this stress,on26 OCTOBER I GOT A COLD CALL FROM ANOTHER ENERGY COMPANY E.S.B.AND DECIDED TO TRY THEM AND LEAVE SP.I HAVE JUST RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM E.S.B.

So I called again, and they said they will put it as credit in my new account which i said ok to. If you need to get in touch with us about your complaint at any stage of our complaints process the fastest way to do so is to chat to us. SP stopped answering customer queries on this forum around about a year ago when they realised numpties like me keep leaping in to answer customer queries for them, and they can get the job of this forum done without having to pay anyone to do it. Unofficial page for highlighting individual customers experiences with Scottish Power, including complaints. This was in January and I was advised that I was not a priority for the rolling out of the second generation smart meters.

Diabolical customer service.

Scottish Power insists he can’t make a formal complaint because he does not have an account. [Mod edit: Please do not share personal details as your posts are visible to the public. You will be required to provide your complaint reference number, which can be found on any of the correspondence from us regarding your complaint.

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