speaker impedance curve

I find the models are very accurate, not just in sound but internal voltage, amplitudes, and component behavior. The 'combined' impedance curve becomes as flat as possible (compensated). At the extreme of 90 degrees (which would never happen with a real world loudspeaker), peak current is being sourced when voltage is 0, which isn’t too far off from the conditions of a short circuit. 1 - Loudspeaker, it is best if the speaker is one with a cone diameter larger than 4 inches such that is has a relatively low resonant frequency. Under all circumstances we can use our simulation software to automatically optimize our RLC subcircuit in the mid-frequencies. Read more about our privacy policy. The large peak corresponds to the mass/spring system resonance. A vented enclosure (bass reflex) is tuned to FS so that the two work in unison. In an inductive circuit, the current will lag behind the voltage, and you’ll get a positive phase angle. "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. Understanding Impedance Curves & Phase Angles, Hadi Ebrahimi-Darkhaneh - PHD Grad Student, USF Electrical Engineering. And if I read impedance across the terminals of an inactive driver, does this or does it not tell me the impedance of the speaker? This electrical model is presented below: Its impedance plot (given below) exhibits a flat and fixed value (equal to R1) at low and high frequencies far away from resonance frequency fo. A speaker's impedance is specified as a nominal value, usually 8 or 16 ohms, but can vary widely under load. The phase angle determines how much the current will lead or lag the voltage waveform in a reactive circuit. Remember, the voltage waveform is no longer in phase with the current, so peak current is no longer being sourced from an amplifier at the same time as peak voltage. We could have a dip down to unacceptable impedance values : 2-4 Ohms for an '8 Ohm' speaker. Ohms is the expression of the reading both as a resistance and as an impedance, which is what we need to measure for AC. It can also be corrected through an additional RC subcircuit placed also in parallel to our crossover filters. Impedance curves are helpful to find enclosures leaks or too little, too However in most crossover circuits there are always narrow frequency regions where the filters fail to complement their current flow changes. It's a cheap MM. Speaker impedance curve explained.

The voice coil in moving coil loudspeakers is suspended in a magnetic field provided by a permanent magnet. These impedance peaks interfere with crossover filter operation only at frequencies where the latter introduces signal roll-off.

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