the quiet hour ministry

We have tried in all our broadcasts to con­clude---a service in keeping with the name which we have chosen for the program—"The Quiet Hour," We never take the attitude of preach­ing at people, but we try to give them the idea that we have just come in to visit with :them. As the ministry raises awareness of its mission work around the world, the campaign will culminate in an 80th anniversary event on July 8 in Redlands, California, where the ministry has been headquartered since 1973. How wonderful that Peggy shares the joys of her relationship in a prayerful and creative response on the pages of her Bible!] The Spirit of prophecy teaches that God places a high value upon the services of the Bible worker. He studied the word of God, and His hours of greatest happiness were found when He could turn aside from the scene of His labors to go into the fields, to meditate in the quiet valleys, to hold communion with God on the mountainside or amid the trees of the forest.

A large rug nearly covers the floor.

The success of the evangelist, Bible worker, and : colporteur is greatly augmented. Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 My name, email, and postal address PSALMS 91:16.

He bids us, “Be still, and know that I am God.”, [{"para_id":"135.6","title":"Preface","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/00_Preface.mp3#duration=203&size=1723411"},{"para_id":"135.33","title":"Chapter 1\u2014Our Example","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/01_Our_Example.mp3#duration=1098&size=8885152"},{"para_id":"135.87","title":"Chapter 2\u2014Days of Ministry","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/02_Days_of_Ministry.mp3#duration=2001&size=16106242"},{"para_id":"135.198","title":"Chapter 3\u2014With Nature and With God","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/03_With_Nature_and_With_God.mp3#duration=647&size=5278399"},{"para_id":"135.226","title":"Chapter 4\u2014The Touch of Faith","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/04_The_Touch_of_Faith.mp3#duration=1582&size=12752333"},{"para_id":"135.304","title":"Chapter 5\u2014Healing of the Soul","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/05_Healing_of_the_Soul.mp3#duration=2075&size=16699959"},{"para_id":"135.400","title":"Chapter 6\u2014Saved to Serve","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/06_Saved_to_Serve.mp3#duration=1501&size=12110758"},{"para_id":"135.482","title":"Chapter 7\u2014The Co-Working of the Divine and the Human","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/07_The_Co-Working_of_the_Divine_and_the_Human.mp3#duration=1768&size=14240316"},{"para_id":"135.561","title":"Chapter 8\u2014The Physician, an Educator","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/08_The_Physician_an_Educator.mp3#duration=1669&size=13451804"},{"para_id":"135.635","title":"Chapter 9\u2014Teaching and Healing","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/09_Teaching_and_Healing.mp3#duration=2677&size=21511507"},{"para_id":"135.758","title":"Chapter 10\u2014Helping the Tempted","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/10_Helping_the_Tempted.mp3#duration=1153&size=9321936"},{"para_id":"135.809","title":"Chapter 11\u2014Working for the Intemperate","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/11_Working_for_the_Intemperate.mp3#duration=1425&size=11500355"},{"para_id":"135.882","title":"Chapter 12\u2014Help for the Unemployed and the Homeless","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/12_Help_for_the_Unemployed_and_the_Homeless.mp3#duration=1995&size=16061779"},{"para_id":"135.986","title":"Chapter 13\u2014The Helpless Poor","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/13_The_Helpless_Poor.mp3#duration=909&size=7370062"},{"para_id":"135.1038","title":"Chapter 14\u2014Ministry to the Rich","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/14_Ministry_to_the_Rich.mp3#duration=858&size=6964230"},{"para_id":"135.1083","title":"Chapter 15\u2014In the Sickroom","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/15_In_the_Sickroom.mp3#duration=478&size=3925030"},{"para_id":"135.1113","title":"Chapter 16\u2014Prayer for the Sick","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/16_Prayer_for_the_Sick.mp3#duration=973&size=7880604"},{"para_id":"135.1158","title":"Chapter 17\u2014The Use of Remedies","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/17_The_Use_of_Remedies.mp3#duration=636&size=5188529"},{"para_id":"135.1193","title":"Chapter 18\u2014Mind Cure","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/18_Mind_Cure.mp3#duration=2119&size=17048727"},{"para_id":"135.1309","title":"Chapter 19\u2014In Contact With Nature","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/19_In_Contact_With_Nature.mp3#duration=704&size=5732717"},{"para_id":"135.1354","title":"Chapter 20\u2014General Hygiene","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/20_General_Hygiene.mp3#duration=601&size=4903263"},{"para_id":"135.1386","title":"Chapter 21\u2014Hygiene Among the Israelites","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/21_Hygiene_Among_the_Israelites.mp3#duration=1004&size=8131815"},{"para_id":"135.1448","title":"Chapter 22\u2014Dress","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/22_Dress.mp3#duration=922&size=7476200"},{"para_id":"135.1491","title":"Chapter 23\u2014Diet and Health","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/23_Diet_and_Health.mp3#duration=1578&size=12720772"},{"para_id":"135.1575","title":"Chapter 24\u2014Flesh as Food","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/24_Flesh_as_Food.mp3#duration=630&size=5140869"},{"para_id":"135.1609","title":"Chapter 25\u2014Extremes in Diet","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/25_Extremes_in_Diet.mp3#duration=582&size=4757189"},{"para_id":"135.1642","title":"Chapter 26\u2014Stimulants and Narcotics","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/26_Stimulants_and_Narcotics.mp3#duration=1134&size=9174615"},{"para_id":"135.1701","title":"Chapter 27\u2014Liquor Traffic and Prohibition","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/27_Liquor_Traffic_and_Prohibition.mp3#duration=1207&size=9752038"},{"para_id":"135.1760","title":"Chapter 28\u2014Ministry of the Home","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/28_Ministry_of_the_Home.mp3#duration=701&size=5705964"},{"para_id":"135.1792","title":"Chapter 29\u2014The Builders of the Home","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/29_The_Builders_of_the_Home.mp3#duration=804&size=6530605"},{"para_id":"135.1831","title":"Chapter 30\u2014Choice and Preparation of the Home","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/30_Choice_and_Preparation_of_the_Home.mp3#duration=671&size=5464830"},{"para_id":"135.1865","title":"Chapter 31\u2014The Mother","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/31_The_Mother.mp3#duration=738&size=6004158"},{"para_id":"135.1907","title":"Chapter 32\u2014The Child","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/32_The_Child.mp3#duration=938&size=7601387"},{"para_id":"135.1960","title":"Chapter 33\u2014Home Influences","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/33_Home_Influences.mp3#duration=655&size=5342956"},{"para_id":"135.1996","title":"Chapter 34\u2014True Education, a Missionary Training","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/34_True_Education_a_Missionary_Training.mp3#duration=1359&size=10973956"},{"para_id":"135.2075","title":"Chapter 35\u2014A True Knowledge of God","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/35_A_True_Knowledge_of_God.mp3#duration=1928&size=15519652"},{"para_id":"135.2211","title":"Chapter 36\u2014Danger in Speculative Knowledge","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/36_Danger_in_Speculative_Knowledge.mp3#duration=1469&size=11854793"},{"para_id":"135.2287","title":"Chapter 37\u2014The False and the True in Education","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/37_The_False_and_the_True_in_Education.mp3#duration=1438&size=11606533"},{"para_id":"135.2359","title":"Chapter 38\u2014The Importance of Seeking True Knowledge","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/38_The_Importance_of_Seeking_True_Knowledge.mp3#duration=917&size=7438236"},{"para_id":"135.2407","title":"Chapter 39\u2014The Knowledge Received Through God's Word","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/39_The_Knowledge_Received_Through_Gods_Word.mp3#duration=1049&size=8489612"},{"para_id":"135.2462","title":"Chapter 40\u2014Help in Daily Living","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/40_Help_in_Daily_Living.mp3#duration=1505&size=12135639"},{"para_id":"135.2541","title":"Chapter 41\u2014In Contact With Others","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/41_In_Contact_With_Others.mp3#duration=1666&size=13423375"},{"para_id":"135.2618","title":"Chapter 42\u2014Development and Service","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/42_Development_and_Service.mp3#duration=784&size=6374078"},{"para_id":"135.2654","title":"Chapter 43\u2014A Higher Experience","mp3":"\/mp3\/135\/43_A_Higher_Experience.mp3#duration=1495&size=12063121"}]. In 1937, J. L. Tucker founded the Quiet Hour in Redlands, California to help fulfill the Great Commission. Since, radio work is so far reaching, it is one that requires time to bring its fruitage to perfection.

To a Christian, the quiet time is a time of mental and physical quietness during which we put aside the telephone, turn off the cell phone, the television and the cares of the world in quiet solitude to fellowship with the awesome God we worship.

Devotional Guide. We prepare ourselves to enter into the presence of the One who not only created us but also this vast universe beyond our imagination. All day He ministered to their needs, and at evening dismissed them to go to their homes and rest. Often His incessant labor and the conflict with the enmity and false teaching of the rabbis left Him so utterly wearied that His mother and brothers, and even His disciples, feared that His life would be sacrificed. In the growth and development of nature were revealed the principles of His kingdom. Mark 16:15.

The ministry was founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1937 by Pastor J.L. For a long time I had felt that we should have such a place of contact with the general public. This rating was published 09/03/2019 and includes data from FY2018, the most recent 990 received at that time. He will receive a new endowment of both physical and mental strength. The seed of truth is sown, and prejudice is broken down. Classy, Quiet Hour Ministries (QHM) is celebrating its 80th year of evangelism ministry this month.. We have a neat room in the rear of the main room in which we can study and pray with people without being disturbed. Christ loved to gather the people about Him under the blue heavens, on some grassy hillside, or on the beach beside the lake. On July 10, 1941, we began our fifth year of radio ministry. In a life wholly devoted to the good of others, the Saviour found it necessary to turn aside from ceaseless activity and contact with human needs, to seek retirement and unbroken communion with His Father. Each year the organization helps send more than 200 evangelism teams annually to regions of the world with few Christian believers, and their radio and television programs are broadcast in many parts of the world. To His toil-worn workers today as really as to His first disciples He speaks these words of compassion, “Come ye yourselves apart, ... and rest awhile.”

Faith Comes by Hearing: QH has produced more than 100 video and audio tapes covering topics and areas like Bible study, health education, family life, personal devotions, music and dramatized Bible stories.

Here they hoped to enjoy a short season of fellowship in the society of their Lord. Biblical Exposition and Homiletic Helps. All rights reserved. Almost everyone who comes in is given a piece of literature, either the Signs of the Times, a tract, or one of our radio sermons. If you are interested in seeing this charity provide its impact information, please click below. The Quiet Hour ("QH") is a faith ministry that is dedicated to preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus worldwide. HAPPY SABBATH EVERYONE ONLINE WORSHIP SERVICE 05.16.2020 -SABBATH SCHOOL: 09:00 - 10: 45 -DIVINE SERVICE: 10:45 - 12:00 LIVE VIA ZOOM & … With songs of thanksgiving He cheered His hours of labor and brought heaven's gladness to the toilworn and disheartened. The blood is the current of life, for by it nutrition is carried to the tissue cells, and waste products are carried away from them. Work-for-hire/full rights contracts that pay $140 are offered to successful candidates with postal addresses in North America.

"Love is patient, love is kind. Nearly every day in my broadcast, I call attention to one certain book that is of special value, which can be secured at the reading room. National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is a unique gathering of people, united by purpose and message: to proclaim the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ; to transform culture through the application of sound biblical teaching; and to advance biblical truth, to promote media excellence, and to defend free speech. Here they could rest, apart from the confusion of the multitude. The mind would be uplifted and the heart would find rest. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Of all the inventions of man; none is so effective in reaching the masses in a short time, as the radio. We try to keep that list at five thousand or less. Religion : Religious Media and Broadcasting, 630 Brookside Avenue Redlands, CA 92373

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