the wacky wabbit transcript

He is chewing on a carrot. He is determined to get the gold he came for and now targets Bug's tooth. Elmer apparaît sous sa forme ancienne, très corpulente, à l'image de celui qui interprète sa voix dans le dessin animé : Ce dessin animé fait partie de ceux entrés dans le domaine public. Elmer does not realize this has occurred. Carl Stalling), Elmer Fudd; "Oh Susanna" (Stephen Foster-arr. Bugs Bunny appears during the second verse and finishes it with Elmer, singing harmony. An initially unseen creature - it is soon clear it is Bugs Bunny - pokes its eyes into the empty sockets of a bison skull.

Bugs intercepts him and begins excitedly declaring that gold has been discovered, then reveals it is a gold filling in one of his teeth. Elmer stops digging to see what the noise is, It is Bugs, in a less snowy area. 6:36. after ... Steve Stanchfield has unearthed a new old cartoon from 1943; Sammy Salvage, Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. “Bugs” Bunny Games Movies TV Video. The Wacky Wabbit is a Warner Bros. cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series. Lights Fantastic (MM) (Freleng) 603 The Wacky Wabbit by Big Cartoon DataBase is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. I went it …

I don't mind, though only 54, the WWII refs this time and era, with al;l due respect to your painstaking work. Warner Bros. CartoonsVitaphoneLeon Schlesinger Studios Carl Stalling), Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd; "Good Evening...  (more). They both stop and skid to a halt, making a mound of snow in front of each of them.

Elmer essaye de creuser avec son pic, mais ce dernier reste planté dans la paroi derrière lui. Released in

It's a little unorganized but this is me fresh from They've been rarer than hen's teeth for Après une bataille confuse, Elmer croit avoir gagné et brandit une dent en or, mais il s'est arraché sa propre dent précieuse. Wabbit Twouble. Easier to. Eventually' Elmer pulls up hard and falls away from the hole because there is no resistance. Do you have anything to add to this page? In all, The Wacky Wabbit is without doubt, wacky. hello, I have gone to bed at night today. Bugs, outside again, comes up behind him, grabs the rifle and throws it away then stands very straight and tall in the position the rifle was. Susanna . If so, we would love to hear from you. Gold at wast! Category:Looney Tunes Transcripts | Transcripts Wiki | Fandom. Leon Schlesinger The cartoon with " Peck Up Your Troubles ", and the reissues of " The Merry Old Soul ", " Booby Hatched ", " Tick Tock Tuckered ", and " Trap Happy Porky " has a special 1941-1955 ending rendition of " Merrily We Roll … a review for the blog. Elmer: Come on now, you are under arrest! It stars Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd (both are voiced by Mel Blanc and Arthur Q. Bryan). Related Videos. Production company(s) I'll bet pwenty of you men wear one of these.". Gold at wast!

from Ted Eshbaugh! Bugs then 'leaves' another hole, this time rabbit shaped, and the paper doll making continues. 19,490 Pages. It says: Wanted by the Mounted Police:

Bugs 'rips' the buttons from Elmer’s jacket – large pieces of cloth come with the buttons. It was released on May 2, 1942. aren't ther... Hello, Join. Elmer alters the lyrics of "Oh Susanna" to contain the line "V for Victory." Recently Changed Pages. On remarque alors qu'Elmer porte un corset (pour paraître plus mince). Online.

Elmer was funny in almost every scene he was paired with Bugs. 0136 - The Fox and the Hound (XXIII)   - Seq. Elmer: traffic violations, going 'fwoouw' a boulevard stop, jay-walking, triple parking, conduct unbecoming to a wabbit, Bugs (mutters): Hmm, nice lookin’ chapeau. Share this with your friends via: The Wacky Wabbit. Hehehehe, Elmer reaches into his pocket and pulls out a carrot, which he puts down on the ground beside the rabbit hole, He then walks away and hides just over the hill. This Is a Life? (Preferably Dead), In the center of the poster is a line sketch of Bugs, Elmer Fudd, dressed as a Canadian Mountie and carry an old style rifle, stands in a snowy forest in front of the poster and looks pleased. Tortoise Wins by a Hare. Bugs (hands still out): No! As the cartoon begins to draw to a close, Elmer returns from having been dug up from the earth: staring threateningly at Bugs. It can also be found on video streaming websites.

Bugs 'puts' out his hands to be handcuffed. Warren Foster It stars Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd (voiced by Mel Blanc and Arthur Q. Bryan, respectively). Elmer jumps up very quickly, snaps the handcuffs onto Bugs and looks right nasty, Bugs is standing, blindfolded and eating a carrot, in front of a 5-man firing squad. After a big finish to the song, Bugs does a flourish and disappears into a hole in the ground, leaving Elmer stunned that only the skull remains.

Bugs somehow 'leaves' a shape of a shapely girl, and 'Elmer' follows, but then comes back out the hole to look at the shape Bugs left, confused. Using scissors, Bugs cuts off Elmer's shirt and suspenders, revealing his yellow and red polka-dotted boxers and a girdle. The Dubbed Version of that short you mention does not. The Wacky Wabbit (MM) (Clampett): Bugs, Elmer. When they The last shots that feature Bugs' golden tooth which was seen earlier, was an important feature to not only add to the dangerous situation Bugs placed himself to be in, but to also fit a funny closure on the short. Bugs: You can’t catch me! No! ... Hey folks! Bugs calls down asking Elmer where he is; we see Elmer's eyes, looking distressed, as he indicates he is at the bottom of the hole. Elmer arrives at the rabbit hole with his rifle in his hands and his hat flopping around and getting in his eyes. English Strangled Eggs. Just as Elmer begins to double-take, Bugs lets out a calm 'Boo'. Une fois sa tâche accomplie, le lapin s'en va guilleret. It says: Wanted by the Mounted Police: “Bugs” Bunny Dead or Alive! Elmer quickly gets up and, looking annoyed, pulls Bugs’ handcuffed arm up with his own handcuffed arm, Bugs 'pulls' it down and a tug of war ensues. Elmer is prospecting for gold and meets up with Bugs. Not that! Singing a modified version of "Oh! Carl Stalling did an odd thing with the familiar music at the end, it's slightly outta tune (and was attached to the end of these blue Ribbon reissues: "The Merry Old Soul"(1935),"Tick Tock Tuckered", "Peck up your Troubles","Trap-Happy Porky" and "Booby hatched"(World War II mid years, 1943-44), and a few others. ", not to mention a "Buy US Savings Bonds and Stamps" sign shown early into the short. I ASK" -- Book at Amazon. Bugs 'decides' he has waited long enough and turns around. Prod. Wackiki Wabbit. Just click below to start viewing "The Wacky Wabbit" online now. It was directed by Robert Clampett. 50 Looney Years • Bugs Bunny's Overtures to Disaster • Bugs Bunny's Creature Features • Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes, Minor characters: Blacque Jacque Shellacque • Bosko • The Crusher • Giovanni Jones • Yoyo Dodo • Tasmanian She-Devil • Melissa Duck • Hugo the Abominable Snowman • Spike and Chester • Nasty Canasta • The Gremlin • Private Snafu • Petunia Pig • Playboy Penguin • Shropshire Slasher • Count Bloodcount • Mama Buzzard • Colonel Shuffle • Egghead Jr. • Owl Jolson • Toro the Bull • Rocky and Mugsy • Minah Bird • Inki • Beans • Little Kitty • Ham And Ex • Oliver Owl • Piggy • Gabby Goat • Buddy • Honey • Slowpoke Rodriguez • The Three Bears • Foxy • K-9 • A. Flea • Sniffles • Construction Worker • Frisky Puppy • Ralph Mouse • Honey Bunny • Roxy • The Martin Brothers • Ralph Phillips • Clyde Bunny • Fauntleroy Flip • Dr. I.Q.

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