tiddlywiki vs roam

Lots of toolbar items were changed and had to be reverted. I am tempted to try Roam regardless because of tagging, but the lack of some way to sync with my more important physical notes kind of turns me off of the effort, as minor and specific as it is. I understand people being disappointed with the numbers you quote, which I agree seem very steep, but I have no idea why they downvote you, for providing the seemingly best answer (currently) available to GPs issue. Even just plain markdown would allow you to link between files.

If you like simple lists then create simple lists without any links, that's perfectly fine, you can always change things later. My todo app was bought and "integrated" into their product by Microsoft. But that’s only maintainable if you don’t have a lot of work on at the same time, or a lot of dependencies - and we find ourselves back at lean. Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. Usually these end with an "Our Incredible Journey" post[0] and 14 days to back up your data, with the site half-broken during that time and nobody manning the support. I stopped spending time and effort when I realized how little I used my organized notes.

> Also, yeah, opening other pages in a sidebar would be amazing for being able to reference data without context switching and literally losing sight of what you're working on. Founder mentions on twitter pricing tbd though hopefully this year, considering $30/mo with a discounted annual plan. Documents don't get updated or in better case there's a series of "patch" documents describing the changes but not the complete future state. The structure is simple to understand. So "public content" on Roam is considered essentially "public domain content"? Pragmatically speaking, you should have a local backup of everything you've placed online. Yah, but Eastgate's Tinderbox has been doing this for damned-near 20 years, no? Even straightforward things sound scary without a lot of additional text explaining everything. I would rather get the power of the app now and then lose that power in 5 years rather than disregard it completely.

Don't only give it a try, but force it to work for you and it will. He doesn't seem to understand tags and links in evernote.

Not a huge deal.

The battle is not lost. Or control-shift-O when cursor is hovering over a link to open page or referenced paragraph/subtree (block) in sidebar. Capability is there, but UX sucks for both sharing single pages and creating seperate workspaces.

Not necessarily, you can filter the backlinks to [[Red Wine]] from within the Red Wine page to only include other tags, like Super Tuscan. It can! So I am wondering, are there any existing plugins/efforts or discussions to try to make TiddlyWiki editor more like RoamResearch or Dynalist, where you can can focus on writing/producing content in the same mode as you view it?

To me, this seems like moving back the other way -- it encourages you to create those 50 pages, because they all can be "linked" to each other. It looks way different than any example of "GTD in Roam" I found so far - those examples could be reimplemented in Dynalist/Workflowy/other outliners - mine can't, it requires these mentions on the bottom and editable block references from other pages in my main dashboard page.

This was very interesting for me to read. I've been using Drafts as a temporary holding spot for things to add to Roam when I'm on the go. Consistency is more important to me than optimality and workflowy has served me well for that. At first glance it looks somewhat like MediaWiki (the wiki software behind Wikipedia), which also supports creating pages implicitly by linking to them. So I'm not concerned about porting out. They demand an irrevocable worldwide license, with the ability to transfer the license and to sublicense according to to the text in the post you're replying to. There's nothing in here that's appreciably better than MW's raw editor. > You agree that Y Combinator, in its sole discretion, may suspend or terminate your account (or any part thereof) or use of the Site and remove and discard any content within the Site, for any reason, including, without limitation, for lack of use or if Y Combinator believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these Terms of Use.

Undermines the credibility of the writer. > I was heavy Notion and Dynalist user, now I'm completely sold to Roam. Hi, I wrote this! (1) How close are you guys to a mobile app? I have.

Links will happen. And the API — again, to me, acknowledging that if I don't see the value Roam adds to that model, then I guess I'm not the audience — is still by itself a total dealbreaker even before I get to not being _able_ to self-host, not seeing the backup/restore story, not having any offline editing options, and not having a useful mobile editing story. And if you find that they're not useful for you anymore then you can simply remove or unlink them.

MW would also solve some of the complaints about a lack of mobile support (MW has mobile skins), APIs (MW's is robust, for better and worse), scaling, and aliases (redirects).

TiddlyWiki has many of these auto tagging and page creation features. The linked references block I think could be extremely powerful in Notion. Notion vs. Roam: Which Tool For Productivity, https://www.austinrileygray.com/articles/notion-vs-roam. Neither have full feature set, or work collaboratively, but nvalt in particular gives a good 80/20. ", "This is a good task list maker. Okay.

I have been trying to get all of my immediate family to coordinate on a shared google document to try and capture a lot of our family history, but the unstructured nature of memory snippets and anecdotes is challenging to organize coherently. Discounts/scholarships for students, non-profits, and low income. For one, taskwiki, which if you use task means you have a great way to bang a checkbox in a vimwiki file and have that create a task. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations. Story View setting was changed to “zoomin”, which I don’t like.

Posts Tags Categories About Roam . I've been wanting a personal knowledge store for a long time.

So I go ww and it creates a note for the day and adds my calendar and then I use that for all the basic notes for the day. I personally would love something that could store my lecture notes and provide me the freedom to take them any way I want to. Minor nitpick. It's worth a look: Even though it's a webapp it can be end-to-end encrypted.

Pretty UI, maybe a little more customized than my tastes, but still nice to interact with. I definitely wouldn't risk using the service based on the lack of information they provide. It's usually because of privacy blocking so I just use the regular login.

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