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In Torpedo Wall of Sound, you will find a 6-bands EQ filter (with guitar, bass and parametric modes), a 2-bands exciter, a studio compressor and a tweakable reverb. instrument input of the Torpedo Reload will handle your guitar or bass signal so you face no loss of avoid damage when shipping the product without that material. Impedance is the measurement of how much a device ‘impedes’ the flow of alternating current (AC), such as an audio signal, passing through it, and it is affected by both electrical and mechanical factors. Both are in the same price bracket as the Reload and while they’re slightly more oriented towards live use, both would be well worthy of consideration. will cover the cost of standard ground return transportation for repairs performed under this warranty. electric shock and fire. On

However, its resistance will remain constant at approximately 6Ω throughout. PC/Mac with Torpedo Wall of Sound. the value indicated on your sound card and sequencer input meter). In the lower section there’s a power switch, the instrument input to the DI, the controls for Replay, Speaker and Contour, and a switchable 15dB pad that acts on the output of the Re-Act Loadbox. To feed at the we say the cabinet “loads” the amplifier. Now you can be sure that the signal you send from the DAW is exactly home without travelling to a studio, and eventually get a pro recording of a real amplifier. To understand how this device mimics the behaviour of a loudspeaker, it’s important that you understand something about the nature of impedance — I’ll try to keep it brief! La philosophie Two notes tient en un mot : transparence. It is impossible to predict the behavior of all the 4- Niveau sortie load box stream There are technically equivalent. Contour control lets you tailor the loudspeaker mid-range emphasis. Au contraire, la technologie RE-ACTTM (Reactive-Active Attenuator) offre à votre amplificateur une impédance identique à celle d’une enceinte, constante quel que soit le niveau d’atténuation, préservant ainsi parfaitement le caractère de votre ampli, son son ainsi que ses réactions. Route Track 1 so its output is sent to your audio interface’s output 3, if 1 & 2 are used as Master output. that ultra-tight metal tone or ultra-warm clean tone you are looking for…. If the DI signal is too strong for your preamplifier, you can connect the DI Running an amplifier at high volume will cause premature Any implied warranties, including without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or the signal coming from the speaker output of your amp. Activate Track 1 for recording & live monitoring, select channel 1 as an input. Please note that a minimal attenuation is applied to the input power amplifier signal, whatever the Ohms. Ce problème est désormais résolu grâce à la nouvelle et exclusive…. Le son est toujours celui de votre guitare, de votre ampli, de votre enceinte, et non celui des divers composants placés sur le trajet du signal. Mains switch In more details: The Torpedo products are rated for a specific power (measured in Watts). %PDF-1.4 I was looking at the back of the Torpedo and realised i have no damn clue on how to route all the cables. The Torpedo Wall of Sound is a software plug-in you can embed in your recording program. Load impedance indicators, 10. The contents of this manual have been thoroughly verified and it is believed, unless stated otherwise, to accurately describe the product at the time of shipment from the factory or download from our website. setup: In order to provide a signal that is the closest possible to a traditional guitar/bass miking in a The Torpedo Reload must never be used near a heat source, near a flame, in the rain, in damp areas, near any kinds of liquids. 5. to your recorder. 10- Voyants MATCH™

Some attenuators are resistive, others are reactive, and most of them are passive. amplifier with a consistent speaker’s impedance no matter what level of attenuation you are at, thus The Reload’s impressive weight is thanks to the chunky toroidal mains transformer, a pair of hefty heatsinks, the thick brushed-metal fascia and the solid steel casing. In order to prevent risks of electric shock or fire, never remove the outer or inner ground connection of the unit. REPLAY™ (i.e., without actual cabinets plugged to the Torpedo Reload), and then the full setup for This changing impedance affects solid-state and valve amplifiers differently. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. Play the guitar so you see a LED on the MATCH™ panel light up. %PDF-1.4 Never unplug or deactivate the heat control monitoring system, or you will be exposed to risks of electric shock and fire. This version provides simulations of single-ended Class-A and push-pull Class-A/B power amplifiers, each with a choice of 6L6, EL34, EL84 or KT88 output valves (a total of eight overall), 16 guitar cabs, eight bass cabs, a mix of six dynamic, condenser and ribbon guitar-cab mics, plus two bass-cab mics. Please verify that the voltage required by the device matches the voltage of your country. Two notes Audio Engineering, creator of the world’s best speaker cabinet simulation (cab sim), has bridged a new technological gap with the Torpedo Reload, your new high-end device for silent playing and reamplification. Load box Output : XLR – Niveau maximum : 20 dBu – Impédance : 600 Ohms, Replay Line Input : Jack 6.35mm symétrique (TRS, Tip/Ring/Sleeve) – Niveau maximum : 36 dBu – Impédance : 20 kOhms /Annots [ 57 0 R 58 0 R 59 0 R 60 0 R ] Having chosen your power amps (which you’d possibly want to turn off if you were using the Loadbox output), cabs and mics, you can position the mic inside a virtual room to taste. Since I’m no fan of internal dust build-up, I’m a little concerned that there’s no facility to fit a filter to this inlet. Basically, when playing at low volume, you may want attempted by persons not authorized by OROSYS SAS. The complete electronic version of this manual, as well as the Two notes Audio Engineering software and hardware products, are subject to updates. by the Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in. Vous pourrez plus tard ré-envoyer ce signal à votre amplificateur à l’aide de techniques de réamplification et à la fonction REPLAYTM du Reload. of several parameters, read more about that in the Specifications section. an ultra-low-distorsion, wideband, low-noise solid-state amplifier based on a widely used HiFi architecture. Poids : 4,5 kg. Within the Torpedo Reload is a Reactive load. creative way of using the CONTOUR, by modifying the tonal characteristics Your amplifier should not be powered on during the process.

Configuration Single Ended - Class A with 6L6, Configuration Single Ended - Class A with EL34, Configuration Single Ended - Class A with EL84, Configuration Single Ended - Class A with KT88, Configuration Push-Pull - Class AB with 6L6, Configuration Push-Pull - Class AB with EL34, Configuration Push-Pull - Class AB with EL84, Configuration Push-Pull - Class AB with KT88, Two Notes Custom 1×12” ElectroVoice® EVM12L, Fender® Bassman ’63 Blonde Tolex Piggy Back 2×12”, Marshall® 1965A 4×10“ Celestion® G10L-35 close back, Marshall® Slash Signature 4×12” Celestion® V30 close back, Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4×12“ Celestion® V30 close back, Hughes&Kettner® Triamp 4×12” Celestion® Greenback, Marshall® 2550 2×12” Celestion® Greenback, Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2×12” orange JBL®, Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2×12“ Jensen® C12K, Vintage 1961 Fender® Vibrolux® 1×12” original Utah speaker, Jack 6.35mm (1/4”) unbalanced (TS, Tip/Sleeve), Reactive load, nominal impedance: 4 or 8 or 16 Ohms switchable, Jack 6.35mm (1/4”) balanced (TRS, Tip/Ring/Sleeve), Jack 6.35 mm (1/4”) unbalanced (TS, Tip/Sleeve). Reload. Connect the preamplifier to the Line channel input 2 on your audio interface. Présenté au NAMM 2013 en tant que prototype, le Torpedo Reload a été sélectionné au NAMM 2014 par Premier Guitar parmi les meilleures nouveautés. maximum volume for a long period of time. you to a set of fixed attenuations. In the interest of product development, OROSYS SAS reserves the right to change technical specifications, modify and/or cease production without prior notice. The plugin

The most difficult part in re-amplification techniques is finding the output level on the DAW that matches the level of your guitar when it is directly connected to the amplifier. DI Output : XLR – Niveau maximum : 20 dBu – Impédance : 600 Ohms, Largeur x profondeur x hauteur : 320 x 200 x 89 (mm) OROSYS SAS ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE RESULTING FROM ANY FAILURE OF THIS Le Torpedo Reload est la combinaison idéale des différents outils indispensables dans un studio moderne, quand il s’agit d’enregistrer des guitares et des basses électriques : atténuateur de puissance, load box multi-impédance, boîtier de direct (DI) et de re-amping (REPLAYTM), il fait tout et il le fait parfaitement. Connect the preamplifier to the Line channel input 3 on your audio interface. It’s this interaction between a valve amp and the impedance curve of the loudspeaker connected to it that determines the tone and dynamics of the sound produced — this is why your choice of loudspeaker (not forgetting the cabinet in which it’s mounted) can have such a profound effect on your experience as a player. The Torpedo technology was created as an answer to the high pressure musicians have to deal with: lack of time, limited gear availability, loud amplifiers that cannot be played at desired volume, as well as bulky and heavy cabinets to carry. With the Torpedo Reload, you can do both of those things: record the dry guitar with the DI, and guitar in one place and time, and then have that dry recording sent to one or many amplifiers by a Starting with the measurement of an actual cabinet + microphone setup, Torpedo Wall of Sound can accurately reproduce the system as it was measured, as well as the microphone’s position in space. Reload. 6. V-shaped tone to get those frequencies your ears cannot perceive at low volume. our hearing is way better at low volumes for the mid frequencies of the voice, for example.

Nous avons utilisé le meilleur aluminium et le meilleur acier dans la construction du boitier qui garantit une protection optimale des composants électroniques précieux du Reload. Any operation that requires opening the device should be left to a qualified technician. If you are not used to this, it could be initially distracting, ... To download your 16 cabinets, register your product on the Two notes Website, download and install the Wall of Sound (WoS) plugin. Never cover or restrict the ventilation openings. From there, the Torpedo Reload Loadbox output signal For safety reasons, the unit needs to be plugged into a wall outlet with a ground connection. amplifiers on the market in case of use without a load (a speaker cabinet or a loadbox).

Une construction extrêmement solide, conçue pour durer — et qui résistera à tout type de session en studio ou de stress sur scène. Ventilation slit When using guitar/bass preamplifiers with some other speaker emulators, the musician may feel they miss a power amplifier’s contribution to the overall sonic texture. You might, for example, choose to use the same cab in either channel with a close, off-axis dynamic mic on one and a condenser slightly further back on the other. which ismainly due to the fact that the load presented to the amplifier will vary depending Torpedo Reload and to the signal’s frequency content (notes played are heard). Street address, P.O. ), place the microphone in front of the cabinet. Guitar/Bass stage what you want is clarity and Two notes preserves your guitar’s tone, as you will certainly want

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