uss vance mutiny

Arnheiter told his crew on many occasions that he would "take them where the action was." The results of the hearing were reviewed by Rear Adm. Walter H. Baumberger, the commander of Cruiser/Destroyer Forces Pacific. A patently illegal order is one such as ordering troops to kill unarmed civilians or to participate in theft. At that time, it rejoined CortDiv 5 and served with its old unit into 1961. He had a reputation for brashness. He apparently believed that his right to challenge an order he deemed improper followed from the principles of the Nuremberg trials, which he believed had defined and explained the loyalty a military person must show his superior. Several articles from the Vance's web site are reproduced here. His illness had been treated on an outpatient basis in the psychiatric section of the naval hospital at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Liberation! Arnheiter eventually got wind of Generous' actions. Captain Richard Alexander was one officer who tried to help his former subordinate, but he paid a heavy price. The failure of officers to assist in maintaining discipline and good order, coupled with the paucity of support for Arnheiter, may have contributed to later incidents of sabotage and disobedience that plagued the aircraft carriers Kitty Hawk and Constellation in 1972. On 1 June 1958, the radar picket escort ship's home port was changed to Pearl Harbor; and it began operating with CortRon 7. The USS Vance affair was certainly influenced by the social turbulence of the 1960s, but it also mirrored the events aboard the fictional USS Caine. ~ Generous also claimed that Arnheiter sent false position reports to the Navy Coastal Surveillance Center at Qui Nhon. [2], On 22 December 1965, just before Christmas, on Bravo Pier, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Arnheiter took command of the USS Vance, a ship which was, in his opinion, unready for war. [12] Generous' grievances continued to simmer as Vance entered the coastal waters of Vietnam. [4], In an attempt to clear his name, Arnheiter sought a court martial from the Navy, but the Navy never took any additional action against him. For example, the widely read 1925 novel "The Great Pacific War", by Hector Bywater, was used as the blueprint for Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's attack on Pearl Harbor as well as his operational planning during World War II. The crew continued these activities until sailing for Hawaii early in September and arrived at Pearl Harbor on 18 June. The UCMJ of today has been modified and clarified in regard to the word "lawful" preceding "military authority.". Mutiny: A History of Naval Insurrection, by Leonard F. Guttridge; Philip Francis Queeg of USS Caine. None of the junior officers who had accused him remained in the Navy. (jg.) He spent the early 1960s in the Pentagon, working on antisubmarine warfare plans. In the Persian Gulf War of 1991, an officer claimed the right to disobey the order assigning him to a combat zone. However, as the United States stepped up its efforts to aid the South Vietnamese government, the ship received a new lease on life. Upon closing on the light, the destroyer escort discovered a surfaced U-boat, U-873, which had been at sea for 50 days. The vessel had been refitted after returning from her first Vietnam patrol in the Gulf of Tonkin, and she was required to be back on station without delay. Vance, and commissioned on 1 November 1943, Lt. Comdr. Upon its return to Norfolk, it served as a training ship for destroyer escort crews while awaiting the arrival of the rest of its division. European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation, Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, List of destroyer escorts of the United States Navy,, Ships transferred from the United States Navy to the United States Coast Guard, World War II frigates and destroyer escorts of the United States, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 02:05. Vance placed a prize crew on board the U-boat who sailed it to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on 16 May. Congressman Joseph Y. Resnick initiated a congressional hearing to review the situation. He also had a flair for verbal criticism and was known for his stubbornness and considerable ego. Altogether, Vance made eight round-trip voyages to the western Mediterranean and followed each with availability at either Boston or New York. He was admitted after an incident in which he allegedly struck his girlfriend repeatedly during a quarrel. Vance, under the command of Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter, returned to "Market Time" station in mid-January 1966. On occasion, the picket ship took Russian trawlers under surveillance—undoubtedly while the communist vessel was returning the compliment. William Winthrop in his "Military Law - 1886".

The ship soon resumed duties on the DEW-line and, but for periodic interruptions for maintenance, replenishment, and training, was devoted to the task of operating mainly off the Aleutian Islands through February 1965. As part of his preparations, he acquired a secondhand fiberglass speedboat to augment the ship's assigned single-motor whaleboat. Although he then swore out formal charges against the Navy, Arnheiter was not so much as reprimanded for charging that two- and three-star admirals had themselves been guilty of gross violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Arriving at Bizerte on 3 May, the warship left Tunisian waters eight days later, bound for New York with GUS-39. The UCMJ, introduced after World War II, cleared the way for a prosecution for mutiny without concert of action being present.

As it turned out, they were refugees from a distant village that had been hit by an air strike. Arnheiter went so far as to participate in formal congressional hearings[7] on the matter, and still the Navy ignored his demands for redress in any official capacity. Generous began calling the captain "Mad Marcus." Dando also felt competent enough to observe that Arnheiter did not know the ship as he should - a bold observation on the part of a chaplain with only six months service. Vance had earned a reputation as a slack ship under her previous commanding officer, Commander Ross W, Wright. Generous had graduated from Brown University and had earned his commission through the Reserve Officers' Training Corps. Naval Institute manual. During a May 1968 hearing, 85 U.S. representatives signed a petition calling for Arnheiter to have his day in court. Naval Academy with midclass standing. A strikingly similar situation developed on a destroyer escort named USS Vance while the ship was on station off the coast of South Vietnam in … [1], Arnheiter was born to Theodore and Dorothy B. Arnheiter. Top Arnheiter said that, either way, he should be the subject of a court martial—for his alleged actions on the Vance or for his related charges against selected superior officers. [8], According to a Time magazine article, one officer admitted: "We all have a little of the Captain Queeg in us...But Arnheiter had more than his share. Meanwhile, Generous, increasingly distraught about the situation on the ship, frequently was disciplined by the captain for minor infractions. ), was a retired U.S. Navy officer, known for being relieved of command of USS Vance (DER-387) after only 99 days. It took many years to repair the breakdown in the military discipline of the U.S. armed forces. Designated DER-387, Vance was recommissioned on 5 October 1956 at Mare Island, Lt. Comdr.

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