where are dakota safes made

Dakota Safes have the Anti-Pry Tabs attached to the bolt works on each end of the interior bolt works. The "Cold Smoke" seal which essentially creates a vacuum seal for the interior of the safe. it's easy to get happy customers, by giving them exactly what they think they are getting, or better. in Christian principals, and we run the company as such. Most shelving on Safes is made of particle board covered in a material. Our Prices: Sturdy Gun Safe Company is known for its low pricing (when compared to other safes with equally thick steel) because we feel you should have the quality you need without paying for the gimmicks. American supplies are also purchased as much as possible. Dakota safes provides the 10 gauge steel to secure your valuables and protect against theft. The Hinge caps are only decorative.

The Dakota Line of safes uses a continuously welded body system made from 10 gauge steel. Sturdy currently spends about $200 a month in advertising. Included in the Dakota safe construction is the icludsion of layers of fire material in the body and a composite door which contains more fire material along with the inner door panel and a Palusol Heat seal. The Dakota series incorporates two types of seals. The Re-locker System works by incorporating a plate of hardened steel in front of the lock assembly. American Made Gun Safes. The steel support fits on the the existing shelf support system and provides a never wavering amount of strength to the shelf, giving it the added capacity to hold more weight indefinitely. With the power strip already installed in the inside of the safe all you have to do is plug in your items without any fear of having to "move" your safe if you get a new item or one breaks down. In addition to Dakota gun safes, the company is also recognized for providing a range of gun safes of world renowned brands including Liberty, Winchester, Fort Knox, Heritage, Cannon, AMSEC, Stack-On and many others. Most mid range safes use only spot welds and bondo to hold their safes together. The door will stay locked "open" until you then unlock it and the dial will turn freely. Dakota Safe Company tests the fire "Resistance" by actually burning up a safe to see what the "FAIL" point is on the safe. Each size of safe will differ in the number of pockets it will have available for your storage needs. We will repair or replace , at our discretion, any safe damaged in a home fire.

GunSafes.com is a renowned name in the industry for offering gun safes of the leading brands at the most competitive prices. There are a few gun safes that come with biometric locking system which is nearly impossible to break and damage. There are millions of people around the world who say that keeping guns make them feel safer in this crime ridden society. One of the most convenient features on the Dakota Safe is the use of a power strip right inside your safe. Family owned and operated since 1959 in Fresno, Ca. Black Chrome has proven to be one of the most appealing and popular looks on most Safes. The only exception being the DS10 which is a Black Silver Vein powder coat. This steel plate will chew up a drill bit to help slow down the process of a drill attack on the safe. We don't drive around in Lamborghini's or own mansions. Shop brands like American Security, Browning, Winchester, Stack On and much more at GunSafesNow.com. The only exclusion is the DS10 which has a 90 minute 1250° degree fire rating. We like to refer to these bolt works as "Active". DAKOTA LOCK INSTRUCTIONS Your Dakota lock comes preprogrammed with two codes : 1.

This thickness of steel has proven time and again to be a durable, secure choice for building a safe at this price point. Dakota Safe Company installs steel under shelf supports on all their Dakota and Black Diamond Safes. Because we are truly manufacturing the safes here, we are capable of doing many customizations the majority of gun safe manufacturers can't do. American supplies are also purchased as much as possible.

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